Holiday Shipping Info


+ Please allow about 4 business days for "in stock" orders to ship out at this time of year.

At this point no orders placed without arranging for express shipment should be expected to arrive before Christmas. Please call us if you need to place an order with express shipping.

+ Allow up to 10 days for the sharpening service if required.
+ Please allow us the time to process your order before trying to check up on it. The more time we dedicate answering emails and phone calls, the less time we will have to ship orders and the longer they will take to ship out.
+ Please don't call or email about stock unless you need quantity on an item. Our site is kept accurate to the best of our ability. So 99% of the time if it says "in stock", it will be. If for some reason something happens and it is not available, we will contact you as soon as possible. In some cases the time spent trying to verify this with us could result in someone else getting the last one. This is also another case of allowing us more time so we can process the orders as quickly as possible.
+ We do offer express shipping options, but they are too complicated for the shopping cart to figure them out accurately. If you need an express shipment, please call us and we can figure out the costs for you.
+ Out of stock items, i.e. products listing an average ship time rather than saying "In stock"
, are likely to take longer than listed at this time of year. Please do not count on these types of items for Christmas delivery. As always, we'll do the best we can, but can not garentee turn around on items we do not have "In house".
+ Availability on all products is limited, so as the month goes on, more and more items will become unavailable for delivery by Christmas.


US Orders:

+ 12/9 is the last day you can order an "In Stock" item with the sharpening service and be reasonably sure of receiving it before Christmas with normal shipping in the Continental US.
+ 12/12 is the last day you can place an "In Stock" order and be reasonably sure of receiving it before Christmas with normal shipping in the Continental US.
+ Orders placed after 12/12 may or may not arrive before Christmas. To guarantee delivery by Christmas, express shipping may be required depending on where it is shipping to in relation to us. We are in Illinois. You would need to contact us to get express shipping costs if needed.
+ 12/22 is the last day possible to order and still get an in stock order before Christmas. However, understand that the cost for this option can be very high on many products. You would need to call us to arrange for this.

International orders:

+ All international destinations would require an express shipping service to arrive before Christmas at this point in the year. Standard shipping will almost certainly not make it in time. Due to postal shipping size restrictions, the cost of express shipping most of our products internationally can be quite expensive. Please be prepared for this if you contact us about an express quote.