Maximillian Full Armor Set - AH3899

Maximillian Full Armor Set

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Interior Circumference of Torso Armor is approximately 43''
Armor designed for a person who is approximately 6 feet tall
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18 Gauge Steel

This set of Maximilian style armor is crafted from 18 gauge steel. It is wearable and articulated, but its construction can hinder movement which makes less optimized for stage or sport combat. It is also well suited as a display armor after some minor modifications, including fitting the separate gauntlets to arm armor.

The armor consists of a helmet, a breastplate, backplate, arm armor, leg armor and gauntlets. The interior of the armor is blackened and a series of leather straps and adjustable steel buckles will attach the armor to the body or a display stand (display stand not included).

The armet style helmet has a swiveled visor and its two cheek plates open on hinges to fit the helmet around the head - they are closed with a front pin. The helmet is unlined. The torso armor consists of a backplate and a breastplate - the faulds are articulated and the armor has a set of shoulder mounted leather straps and steel buckles - waist-mounted strap secures the armor the the lower torso.

The pauldrons and the rest of the arm armor are connected as a single piece - one set of arm armor has leather straps and the other has steel buckles; the connect across to one another to fit them above the torso armor. The leg armor, like the arm armor, is connected as a single piece with articulated individual plates.

The clamshell gauntlets are articulated and fitted with a palm strap to keep the integrated leather glove. It is common for the top of the glove to have old glue on its top and for it to no longer be attached to the gauntlet.

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