Peaked Morion Helm - 18 Gauge - AH6319

Peaked Morion Helm - 18 Gauge

Front to Back: 9’’
Side to Side: 9’’
Circumference: 26’’
Weight: 3 lb 10.2 oz
18 Gauge
Retail Price:$103.00

In Stock!

This Peaked Morion Helm is crafted from 18 gauge steel; the interior is blackened and finished with an internal leather suspension liner and chin strap with antiqued brass buckle. The liner and chinstrap can both be adjusted to fit.

Although this type of helm is iconically associated with the Conquistadors of Spain, it was actually a popular helm at the time and quite widespread. It was equally at home upon the brow of a man of the Spanish Tercio, or an English or Dutch pikeman. The popularity of the helm is attributable to its pragmatic and clever design; The conical crown gives no right angles for a weapon to impact upon and is designed to make it more likely for a weapon to ‘’skip’’ off in deflection instead of landing a notable strike. The brim of the helm will prevent many high or horizontal strikes from reaching the face. When the wearer lowers his head it also gives the head and some of the shoulders a ‘’shield’’ to thwart arrow and crossbow fire.

Critically, the helm gives great protection for the head, whilst keeping the eyes, ears and mouth clear for battlefield coordination. In the 16th century it was clear that the battlefield belonged to massed blocks of infantrymen in halberd, pike or pike-and-shot formations. The men of these infantry blocks, like the Hoplites and Roman Legionaries before them, needed clear signaling and orders to operate effectively to make a hedgehog-like fighting formation worth more than the sum of its parts.

For these same reasons the Morion was also a boon to the cavalryman, who needed a better grasp of his surroundings than his knightly forebears with closed helms that restricted vision in favor of facial protection from oncoming missiles and lance splinters in their headlong lance charge that characterized their age. With the ascendancy of the infantryman, the cavalryman was now relegated to skirmishing, scouting, raiding and, in battle, hitting targets of opportunity. As the 16th century ground on, these men were more likely to carry a brace of pistols to fire at close range into infantry formations. With the prevalence of pikes on the field, they needed to remain mobile to avoid melee with infantry and instead used their swords to defeat opposing cavalrymen to gain a flanking and harassment advantage over the foe.

With the eyes and ears unobstructed, the Morion was also an ideal helm for the soldier on guard duty.

Please Note: Helmet Stand for demonstration only - it is not included

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