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Deer Horn Knives - Set of Two - AK015X2

Deer Horn Knives - Set of Two

Please note: Demonstrations in these videos may represent torture tests under ideal conditions and do not imply a sword will handle this type of activity consistently. Swords should only be used to cut approved materials, and proper training should be sought before partaking in this dangerous activity.
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Overall Length: 11 1/2''
Length of Longest Blade: 6 1/8''

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Blade:1095 High Carbon Steel
Weight:1 lb 4.8 oz (single knife)
Edge: Sharp
Thickness:4.7 mm - 2.4 mm
Width:Width of Longest Blade: 32.2 mm
Grip Length:6 1/2''

This set of Deer Horn Knives are constructed from strong 1095 steel and fitted with two riveted hardwood halves over the thick central grip to create a pair of very durable and robust fighting knives. The blades are sharpened all the way around except for the inside of the protective central hand bar and the inside of the smaller reverse points.

Deer Horn Knives are rarely seen alone, and, as seen in the Chinese Ba Gua Zhang martial art a skilled practitioner can defend himself with one knife whilst using the other to press the attack on a foe. Deer Horn Knives are surprisingly adept at deflecting the attacks of larger weapons such as spears and swords because the knives are centered around the hand itself, thus giving little to no leverage for a foe to exploit with their own weapon. Deer Horn Knives are also intuitive to use in this manner because they function as extensions of the hand; more often than not the wielder of Deer Horn Knives will find himself in the stronger position when in a bind against most weapons. The array of points also serve to entangle larger weapons, particularly when used together as a pair.

Though a set of Deer Horn Knives have admirable defensive qualities, they are very deadly offensive weapons as well; the array of points and sharpened edges give the wielder many options to both adapt to the fight and catch his foe off guard for a decisive strike. The blades are not only excellent and quick slashing weapons, but can also be used to deliver deep puncturing strikes to a target. The sharpened outside edge of the central hand guard doubles as a vicious close-combat punch-blade.

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