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Albion Armorers Battle Ready
Albion ''The Alexandria'' Sword - ANH25
Limited Edition of only 1000 World Wide


Please note: Demonstrations in these videos may represent torture tests under ideal conditions and do not imply a sword will handle this type of activity consistently. Swords should only be used to cut approved materials, and proper training should be sought before partaking in this dangerous activity.
Overall Length: 43 3/4''  Blade: 34 3/8''

Please Make a Selection:
Blade: 6150 High Carbon Steel
Weight: 3 lb 11 oz
Edge:  Very Sharp
P.O.B.: 4''
Thickness: 4.9 mm - 2.4 mm
Width: 3''
Grip Length: 6 7/8''
Pommel: Peened

Dozens of European medieval swords were once kept within the Mameluke armory in Alexandria. Likely diplomatic gifts and tribute, these masterly crafted swords were well cared for and have become a priceless cache of the swordsmiths art. Among its more elegant examples is the knightly sword recreated here, named ‘’The Alexandria’’ by Albion.

The likely source for most of these blades was from the Kingdom of Cyprus. The first collection of these swords may have come a Crusading Cypriot force that looted Alexandria in 1375. The swords may have been trophies taken from a small rearguard, too weighted down with loot to get away in time before being overwhelmed by vengeful Mamelukes.

In succeeding decades, Cyprus would find fortune turned against itself; The Kingdom was in a precarious position, nigh surrounded by hostile Muslim powers now largely unopposed and emboldened after a series of unsuccessful Crusades. Already elaborate diplomatic gifts were being sent to the Eastern powers to buy time. In 1425, the Kingdom, already staggering from plague, was invaded by raiding Mamelukes intent on punishing the Cypriots for their past sorties against the Egyptian coast. In one desperate battle, King Janus of Cyprus was taken prisoner and hauled back to Egypt with much of the wealth of Cyprus in tow. The Mamelukes released him ten months later upon receiving an enormous ransom payment and the humbled Kingdom was further obliged to satiate the Mamelukes with annual tribute. The exquisite swords of Alexandria, many crafted by masters in Northern Italy and Germany, were likely included in the annual tribute to the Sultan.

What makes the ‘’Alexandria’’ sword stand out from many in the collection is the great care that its crafter paid to making the blade in specific and harmonious geometric ratios. Medieval and Renaissance drafters, artists and craftsmen of architecture, art, and even some bladesmithing, first envisioned their creation with mathematical ratios. They were Inspired by the geometric ratios commonly found in nature and believed that this mathematical harmony was evidence of God creating the world with specific, logical ratios. Thus they sought to emulate his methods in their own creations, believing this brought their work into alignment with the properties of the universe and perhaps imparting some of the mysterious, the divine and its powers into their efforts. Using this concept, parts of the sword such as the length of the crossguard and the width of the blade were determined entirely by geometry, not by whim.

Whether divine or not, the result of this attention to geometry made for a well balanced sword. It is utilitarian in design, yet elegant in its execution. The base of the blade is quite wide, but a flat diamond profile and sharp taper bring its center of balance closer to the hand, making for an altogether more agile sword, quicker and lighter in the hand than its overall weight suggests. This specific sword of Milanese manufacture was likely brought into the Alexandrian Armory sometime between 1414 - 1419. It is a superb example of the quality of arms wielded by Knights of the time.

This recreation, by Albion Armorers, has a hand ground and sharpened blade of high carbon steel. The crossguard and pommel are cast from mild steel. The grip is of stabilized birch wood, cord-wrapped and fitted over with tight leather.

The sword grip comes in a selection of colors, please select an option below.

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