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Albion Armorers Battle Ready
Albion The Tyrolean Sword - ANT2
Limited Edition of 1000

Albion The Tyrolean Sword

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Overall Length: 54 5/8'' Blade: 41 3/16''

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Blade:6150 High Carbon Steel
Weight:5 lb 1.3 oz (without demi-scabbard)
Edge: Sharp
P.O.B.:4 1/2''
Thickness:6.7 mm - 1.8 mm
Width:55 mm
Grip Length:10 5/8''

The Tyrolean is inspired by the many examples of smaller zweihander swords (zweihander means two-hander) carried by the Swiss Mercenaries and Landesknecht from the Austrian Tyrol, from the mid-15th to early-16th centuries. It is believed that the two-handed swords were primarily used to break through ranks of pikemen and for footmen to counter charges of heavy cavalry. These mercenaries were the most sought after warbands of their day and top coin was paid for their service. The modern Swiss Guard of the Vatican was formed from the long-time patronage of Swiss mercenaries by the Papacy. The German Landesknecht were similarily armed mercenary companies, and it was not unusual for the Germans and Swiss to be hired by opposing sides and to then meet on the battlefield. Naturally, they harbored deep enmity for one another.

These swords were designed for broad, sweeping cutting blows (such as clearing a line of pikes) and then for thrusting by using a ''half-swording'' technique (gripping the hilt in one hand and the blade in the other) in close-quarter fighting. Landesknecht and Swiss Mercenaries are often depicted in period woodcuts as carrying a shorter sword (often a katzbalger) as a sidearm in addition to the zweihander, presumably for use in close-quarter combat.

These swords often feature a leather cover of some sort on the ricasso. It is not clear from current research if the leather covering on the ricasso was left in place during combat to facilitate half-swording, or if it was simply a protective cover to guard the shoulder while the sword was carried between battles. We have decided to call it a demi-scabbard, and ours is constructed with a thin wooden core wrapped with leather. The demi-scabbard is removable.

The Tyrolean has a hand ground high carbon steel blade that is tempered for flexibility and edge retention. The crossguard and pommel are cast from mild steel. The grip is stabilized birch wood, fitted over with tight leather. The ricasso demi-scabbard is wood-core wrapped in leather.

The sword grip comes in a selection of colors, please select an option below. The demi-scabbard of the ricasso will be dyed to match the grip color chosen.

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