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Dynasty Forge Bushi Tri-Steel Folded Nagimaki - DF006

Dynasty Forge Bushi Tri-Steel Folded Nagimaki

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Overall Length: 56 5/8'' Blade: 34''
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Blade: 1095/1080/1060 Folded Steel
Weight: 4 lb
Edge:  Sharp
P.O.B.: 5 1/8''
Thickness: 7.9 mm - 5.9 mm
Width: 33.4 mm
Grip Length: 22 5/8''
Pommel: N/A

The favored weapon of the famous Daimyo Oda Nobunaga, the half sword, half pole-arm the Nagimaki was designed to be a counter-cavalry weapon used in broad, sweeping strokes by infantry. The first identified Nagimaki appear midway through the Kamakura period of 1192-1333. Its apex of use was in the Muromachi period of 1336-1573. Supposedly Uesugi Kenshin armed his closest retainers with the imposing Nagimaki.

This Nagimaki, crafted by Dynasty Forge is of their Bushi class - the blade is made from three high carbon steels of 1095, 1080 and 1060 folded together into a single blade. This folding process creates a ‘’Hada’’ pattern upon the blade with the appearance of wood grain. The three steels are folded 8-12 times before being differentially heat-treated with clay, the process by which the blade receives its wave-like hamon of whitened harder steel. These folding processes were traditionally done to minimize impurities in steel (the initial quality being lesser than modern steel) and to give it strength and flexibility with a mixture of different steels with these properties. Modern steel purity makes it an unnecessary step to create a strong, flexible blade, but it can’t be denied that the traditional process creates unique, attractive swords with a hint of the historical soul of the old ways and methods within them. After tempering, this blade is machine polished, with the final polishing being done by hand.

The tsuba is of iron, in the simple, yet elegant Sukashi style whereby over half of the tsuba’s diameter is open. The tsuba often reflected the status and taste of its owner - simple ones such as this were befitting of soldiers and samurai, whereas more extravagant ones, bedecked in gold, silver and brass would have been considered ‘’unbecoming’’ of their station and a reserve of the higher echelons of nobility. The Koshirae are likewise plain though two large silvered dragon menuki lie beneath the Tsuka-Ito grip wrap. The tsuka grip is of wood, covered in rayskin ‘’same’’. A woven black silk tsuka-ito is tightly wrapped over the same. The saya scabbard is wood, coated in a textured black stone finish. It has a matching woven black silk sageo

Please Note: It is common for this item to have different menuki when restocked from manufacturer. Menuki style may not match photos as shown.

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