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Damascus Filework Bowie Knife - DM1006

Damascus Filework Bowie Knife

Overall Length: 12 3/4'' Blade: 7 7/8''
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Blade: Damascus Steel
Weight: 12.4 oz
Edge:  Moderately Sharp
P.O.B.: 1/2''
Thickness: 4.4 mm - 3.1 mm
Width: 32.2 mm - 37.2 mm
Grip Length: 4 1/8''
Pommel: Nut

This Bowie Knife has a blade of Damascus steel and a thick spine with decorative ridged cut-outs. The guard and pommel are made of brass and the grip is of antler surmounted by layers of brass, bone and reddened wood. It comes with a sheath of stitched leather with a brass button and an integrated leather belt loop.

Both Jim Bowie and the Bowie Knife became famous after Bowie’s 1827 Sandbar Fight. Jim Bowie and a group of men had accompanied their friend to his scheduled duel and Bowie stood by to guard against foul play by their opponents friends. The duel concluded after shots were fired and neither duelist was hurt and the two men each agreed to end to their feud honorably.

That was just the beginning however, a few men on the other side already had prior disagreements with Bowie and his friends and they took the opportunity to attack them. In the fight that broke out Bowie was shot twice (once by his friend on accident), clubbed by a pistol butt (the blow was so hard that the pistol grip broke) and stabbed. In the fight Bowie was stabbed whilst on the ground in the sternum with a sword cane by Major Norris Wright who had already attempted to kill Jim Bowie in a past altercation. The sword became stuck in Bowie and with it lodged in his sternum he rose up and killed Major Wright with his soon-to-be famous Bowie knife before removing the embedded sword! Before the fight was over Jim Bowie would cut off part of the forearm of another man.

At the end of Sandbar altercation two men were stoutly dead and four were seriously injured, including Jim Bowie himself. The original duelists were unharmed! Bowie’s rough fight and its outcome made both him and his knife nationally famous.

The brilliant, swirling patterns of Damascus Steel are created when two steels with differing carbon contents are forged together into a single blade. This is done to combine the properties of harder and softer steels together and the two types can clearly be seen in the wood-grain like patterning and layers present on the blade.

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