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Afghanistan Operation Enduring Freedom Gurkha Khukuri -11'' Blade - EKHBGIAIK

Afghanistan Operation Enduring Freedom Gurkha Khukuri -11

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Overall Length: 16 3/8'' Blade: 11''

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Blade: 5160 High Carbon Steel
Weight: 2 lb 0.9 oz
Edge:  Sharp
P.O.B.: 2 1/2''
Thickness: 9.4 mm - 6.6 mm
Width: 30.6 mm - 51.7 mm
Grip Length: 4 13/16''
Pommel: Integrated

The Afghanistan Enduring Freedom Operation Khukuri by Ex-Gurkha Khukuri House is a beefy Kukri that is the current issue blade for the British Gurkhas and was used by them in Afghanistan. It has a blade of 5160 high carbon steel that has been differentially tempered - The spine has a hardness of 22-25 HRC, the body of the blade is 45-46 HRC and the edge has a hardness of 58-60 HRC. The softer spine allows the blade to flex and absorb shock from use and the harder edge helps to keep it keen and resistant to dulling. The blade tang is thick and it is fitted with two slabs of carved and riveted rosewood for a grip. An elongated tang tab has a hole for a lanyard.

The scabbard has a carved core of pinewood that is fitted in place with traditional Nepalese Laha glue. The scabbard has been overlaid with a protective layer of refined water buffalo leather and it has an integrated small loop of leather fitted to the scabbard tip and a pair of integrated durably vinyl leather belt loops. It comes with the two smaller knives; the ‘’karda’’, a small utility knife and the ‘’chakmak’’ which is used a sharpening tool for the larger Khukuri.

The fearless reputation of the Gurkhas was upheld in the recent conflict in Afghanistan; a southern checkpoint in the Helmand Province, held by the solitary vigil of Cpl. Dipprasad Pun was not allowed to fall to the Taliban despite being assaulted by over 30 enemy fighters. Fighting from his rooftop position, Pun weathered fire from assault rifles and rocket-propelled grenades for over a quarter of an hour. ‘’I had so many of them around me that I thought I was definitely going to die...’’, he said afterward;‘’ I thought I’d kill as many of them as I could before they killed me.

His reply to the Taliban consisted of over 400 machine gun and rifle rounds, 17 grenades and a detonated mine. At one point he even battered a Taliban militant with the tripod of his machine gun after he had run out of ammunition.

Although the fight was numerically one-sided with the Taliban outnumbering the lone Gurkha at least 30-1, his skill at arms, unyielding resistance and acceptance of ‘’inevitable’’ death tipped the scales in the favor of the Gurkha fighter. He held his post until reinforcements finally arrived, driving off or killing the ragged remnants of enemy attack. For his heroic efforts, Cpl. Dipprasad Pun was awarded the Conspicuous Gallantry Cross by Queen Elizabeth II.

A third-generation Gurkha, both Dipprasad’s father and grandfather were Gurkhas.

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