Fabri Armorum 
Fabri Armorum Murmillo Gladiator Helmet - FA47

Fabri Armorum Murmillo Gladiator Helmet

Overall Height: 15 3/4''
Overall Width: 16''

Interior Circumference: 28''
Front to Back (Interior): 15 7/8''
Side to Side (Interior): 17 1/2

No Longer Available
CSN14260.7 High Carbon Steel
10 lbs 3 oz

The gladiators of Rome were not just individual fighters - they were organized into specific classes of gladiator that had a proscribed fighting style with equipment to match. This specialization of fighting archetypes may have aided bout organizers in getting the right mix of fighting styles to create more entertaining matches. The different classes were intended to represent Rome’s heroes or enemies, types of animals or even forces of nature.

Murmillo gladiators were recognizable by their helmets and gear. The heavy helmet, called a Cassis Crista had a large crest intended to represent the fin of a fish. The helmet covered the face entirely with the intention of either dehumanising the gladiator or to give him an aura of invincibility by making his expressions unreadable. These heavy helmets offered excellent protection, but their bulk also served to make the Murmillo a less agile fighter. This is by design, for it encourages the heavy Murmillo gladiator to close the distance and ‘’slug it out’’ rather than dodge, weave and wear out his foe.

His set of gear included a large scutum shield and a Manica scaled or mailed arm guard and shin guards giving him overall excellent protection, though his chest would be left uncovered giving him a weak point. He fought with the gladius sword.

The Murmillo is visually depicted as typically fighting the Thraex or Hoplomachus who were intended to represent Rome’s one-time enemies, the Thracians and Greeks respectively. Murmillo are recorded in writing as having often fought the lightly-armed Retiarus gladiator, who carried net and trident. The two had diametrically opposed fighting styles making for an interesting match for the spectators.

This Murmillo helmet is made by Fabri Armororum in the Czech Republic. It is constructed of riveted steel with brass accent pieces. The helm has been finished in a brushed steel fashion, giving the steel a satin-like shine. It has a hinged face guard that is held firmly in place by two hooks above the brim of the helm, releasing these hooks allows the face guard to tilt upwards. The blackened interior of the helm is unlined and has an integrated leather chin strap with steel buckle. It has two plume holders at the back of the helmet.

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