Greek Brass Chalcidian Helm - 20 Gauge Brass - IR80687

Greek Brass Chalcidian Helm - 20 Gauge Brass

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Front to Back: 8''
Side to Side: 7 1//2''
Circumference: 26''
Retail Price:$225.00

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20 Gauge Brass
Weight: 2 lb 10.7 oz

This Greek Chalcidian style helm is crafted from brass. The interior of the helm is blackened and unlined. The helm is constructed of 20 Gauge Brass - though thinner than some other helmets available, this makes the helm lighter on the head and less tiring when worn for long periods as part of a reenactment or roleplay.

Likely a derivative of the Corinthian style helm, the later Chalcidian has side slots for the ears and wider cut-outs for the eyes and mouth. This is a style that has forsaken some of the protection of the more encompassing Corinthian in order to give its wearer better vision and hearing.

As Greek warfare became more complicated with the increasing use of ‘’combined arms’’ (cavalry, peltasts and archers) - it became necessary for the Hoplite Phalanx to respond quicker to orders. Early Greek warfare was based on large Phalanxes of Hoplite Warriors walking and pushing head on into one another.

The increasing use of other types of warrior forced the Hoplite to work in tandem with the other elements of the army, and to do this well he would need a higher degree of coordination with his comrades in the Phalanx and this required a greater use of his hearing and eyesight - hence the sacrifice of some head protection for greater sensory awareness.

A picture link for a separate leather helmet liner is under the ''also available'' section of this page.

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