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Kris Cutlery Gladius IV - KRSRGIV

Kris Cutlery Gladius IV

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Overall Length: 25 5/8'' Blade: 18 1/8''

No Longer Available
Blade:Folded 1050 and 9250 High Carbon Steel
Weight:2 lb 3.7 oz
Edge: Very Sharp
P.O.B.:4 1/4''
Thickness:9.3 mm - 4.3 mm
Width:50 mm
Grip Length:3 5/8''

The Kris Cutlery Roman Gladius IV has a blade forged with 1050 and 9250 high carbon steel. Both steel types were folded and pounded into a single billet by the swordsmith before hammering into form. This mixture of the two steels gives the surface of the blade a faint patterning that looks like running, rippling water, frozen into form on the surface of the blade.

Often folded steel is acid treated to make the lamination patterning more visibly bold, but in this instance it was left natural for a more authentic look. Mixing and folding steel of varying carbon content has a very long history in bladesmithing and was typically done to merge the differing hardness and tensile qualities of differing steels into a single blade to create an compromise of hardness and flexibility. This was an important and traditional technique used by skilled smiths before the widespread and cheap availability of pure, modern industrial steel.

The ovaloid guard and spherical pommel are of carved and finely polished Macassar ebony hardwood. The guard is finished with a brass guard-plate. The scalloped grip is crafted from carved and polished Yakal wood; a wood that is normally light in color, but this example has a rich amber hue after being aged about 50 years. Kris Cutlery sourced reclaimed wood with which to fashion these elaborate grips.

The scabbard is carved from wood and wrapped in tight black leather. It is finished with brass accenting and brass hanging rings.

The form of the Pompeii style Gladius belies its usage as a thrusting sword, but its chopping and hacking ability is often underestimated; the wide blade is well-capable of severing the limbs of an unfortunate foe in a fell swoop. This Gladius is a well-constructed example and feels robust, solid and dependable in the hand without feeling unwieldy. The dense hardwoods used to construct the hilt provide a good counterbalance to the wide quadrangular blade with a thick and strong un-fullered center ridge.

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