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Viking Throwing Axe - LB25332

Viking Throwing Axe

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Blade: 5''
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This Viking Throwing Axe has a head of high carbon steel which is mounted onto a haft of solid and stout Hickory hardwood. Replacement handles are available and are sold separately.

Please Note: It is not unusual for the axeheads of traditionally-mounted throwing axes to loosen over time; reseating or re-mounting the head can be done by placing the head in a vise and striking the widened end of a wooden haft with a rubber mallet.

The usefulness of a throwing axe is readily apparent and they are easily tucked into the belt and perhaps even concealed behind a cloak. A clever Viking could even enter into a fight with an axe hidden behind his wide shield, cunningly gripped with the same hand that holds his shield and ready for the moment when his opponent is unprepared.

Not simply for throwing, this axe makes for a quick and hard hitting hand-to-hand combatant; its curved blade optimizes the impact strength of a strike by driving the force of the blow through a single, smaller contact point and into the target.

Unlike the sword, the axe had utility off the battlefield and could be used for lighter camp work. Axes meant for war however were entirely unsuitable for felling trees and lumber work because they have a different and much thinner profile which is meant to reduce weight and ensure that it is a quick and well-balanced weapon built to optimize its ability to cut into a target. In contrast, a comparatively unwieldy lumber axe is designed to use its weighted wedge-shaped head to capably split dense wood.

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