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Early 16th Century German Halberd Head - LT20021

Early 16th Century German Halberd Head

Overall Length: 32''
Blade: 8 1/2''
Length of top Spike: 9 1/2''
Socket Diameter: 1 3/8''

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The halberd was one of the favored weapons of the mercenary companies of the German Landesknechts. Like their pike-armed brethren, the halberdiers were formed into dense, shoulder-to-shoulder formations. Fighting together as a mass of stabbing, chopping blades, the halberd formation on the move was akin to a mobile meat grinder, mincing up any foes who were less organized and less aggressive than these mercenary companies.

The halberd gave these soldiers the tool to handle any situation and its inherent power was more than enough to make a mockery of even the finest armors. The wide, chopping blade had enough heft to hack into even armored foes with frightening force - at the very least it could cause severe dents that could break the bones and shock the organs of the man within. Striking forth like a serpent’s tongue, the spear point could find the weak points in armor and was a good recovery move should a chop fall short. The halberd’s beak-like hook could be used like a pick, striking down with armor-puncturing force into helmets. It was in its best form, ‘’par excellence’’ when the beak was used to hook onto a cavalryman, who could then be dragged to the ground and held down as fellow halberdiers finished the hapless horseman off. Should the fighting become so close and entangled that the front ranks were obliged to drop their halberds to fight with daggers and short swords, their comrades behind them could aid them, stabbing at their enemies from behind with a bristling hedgehog-like array of spear-points, giving a multi-depth attack or defence to the fighting block of halberdiers.

This halberd head by Lutel is modeled after one used around 1520 in the German Principalities. It is made of high carbon steel. The head has been made to fit a square-ended shaft and has integrated langets. Much of the halberd has been left in an unpolished and blackened for a utilitarian, rough-forged look and finish. The primary cutting blade has been sharpened. The top spike and back hook are unsharpened. Comes with matching screws for mounting into a wooden shaft, which is not included.

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