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Freeman's Seax - MHK1804


Overall Length: 13'' Blade: 6 3/4''
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Weight:5.6 oz
Edge: Unsharpened
Thickness:4.2 mm - 2.6 mm
Width:28.3 mm
Grip Length:6''

The seax was a common blade in Saxon, Scandinavian and Frankish cultures of the Migration and Early Medieval period. Though there are regional variations, the seax always features a single-edged blade with a thick spine. The seax varies in length from the size of small utility knives to the length of a short sword.

Swords were fabulously expensive and required a skillful hand to produce - they were well out of the reach of the common man. Instead, he used the seax as both a utility knife and a fighting blade. The quality of seax varied as widely as the means of the men to purchase or create them - some are quite crude but a rare few had craftsmanship to rival master-crafted swords and had pattern-welded blades inlaid with metallic runes. These elaborate seax prove that the appeal of the seax could extend even to the chieftains and noblemen who may have in some cases preferred it over a sword.

Shorter seax almost invariably seem to be intended for utility, with a thick spine that could take a hammer to pound the blade through a material for a cleaner cut. The longer seax were intended solely for fighting with some mid-sized seax that seem suitable to either.

It is postulated in some of these tribes that all freemen carried the seax and displayed it prominently, horizontally at the front of their belt to denote status. In any case it is clear that its use was so widespread among the Saxons that their very name derives from the seax.

This plain, utilitarian seax seems to have been crafted with utility and defense in mind and would look at home on the belt of the common freeman. It has a blade that seems more suitable for utility work than some more sharply tapered seax. However, it is long enough that is could be a fearsome self-defense tool when needed. It has an unsharpened blade of high carbon steel and a simple wooden grip. It comes with a simple, sturdy, leather belt sheath.

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