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15th Century Falchion - OSW22

15th Century Falchion

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Overall Length: 31 3/8'' Blade: 24 3/4''
Weight:2 l b 14.8 oz
Edge: Blunt
Thickness:5.2 mm - 4.5 mm
Width:29.10 mm
Grip Length:3 3/4''

Though the double-edged sword is the iconic blade of the European middle ages, it co-existed with the single-edged Falchion. Often fitting with hilts identical to its double-edged cousin, the Falchion sacrificed the second edge for greater cleaving power and ease of manufacture. They were quite common, with most examples being wielded by lower class men-at-arms. Early Falchions were essentially elongated cleavers though by the later middle ages and the Renaissance it would not be uncommon to see a well-made Falchion wielded by a noble. Quick, powerful and with a savage tip, the Falchion is the ignored brother of the European double-edged sword. By the late medieval and Renaissance the hilts of Falchions evolved to feature more protection for the hand. The Falchion may have been the primary ancestor for the German Renaissance Messers and the curved Dussack.

This Falchion is made in the Czech Republic. The blade is of high carbon steel and is meant for stage combat The blade edge is left completely blunt. The blade is peened and welded to the pommel for strength. The clamshell-like guard is welded on and the grip is tightly wrapped in steel wire.

Please Note: The length of this sword blade can vary by a few inches to as much as half a foot or more. Grip length can vary by several inches. All hilt components can have some variance in size, shape and decorative detailing. All decorative detailing can vary on the sword and in some cases may not be present at all. The shape of the blade can vary and may or may not have notched design and other design. All aspects of this sword are subject to some degree of variance and all measurements should be considered approximations. These are all within standard variance for this product from this manufacturer.

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