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Side-Buckled Gambeson - SNMC7103E

Side-Buckled Gambeson

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This thickly-quilted gambeson is crafted from thick cotton; its shell is of cotton, canvas-like cloth and its interior is padded with cotton felt. It is easily adjusted to size with a set of leather straps and brass buckles on both of its sides. The neck can be laced up with an included leather cord. The gambeson has an open-armpit design which aids in optimizing arm movement and provides some ventilation. This gambeson is crafted from all natural material, meaning that it will ‘’breathe’’ better than many other gambesons which are padded with an artificial poly-fill material.

This gambeson is handcrafted - its size will vary slightly so our measurement guidelines should be understood to be approximations.

Few medieval warriors would enter a combat without at least some padded armor. A padded armor or gambeson works very well when paired with chainmail or plate armor. The metal armor aptly defies cuts and slashes and the padded armor helps to absorb and dissipate the concussive force of incoming blows. It also protects against chafe from the metal armor.

Often a gambeson might be worn on its own, or accented with some plate for the legs and arms. The thick gambeson is difficult to cut into and provides good protection from blades. For less wealthy warriors the gambeson, even without chain or plate, might be his main and sole form of body armor. Medieval illustrations often portray late Medieval men-at-arms being outfitted in what appear to be gambesons and their kit has metal armor for some of its key components; the head, arms and legs.


Chest Size: 37 1/4’’ (94.6 cm)
Length from Neck to Bottom of Coat: 41’’ (105 cm)
Weight: 6 lb

Chest Size: 40.5’’ (102.8 cm)
Length from Neck to Bottom of Coat: 43 1/4’’ (109.9cm)
Weight: 7 lb 1.5 oz

Chest Size: 43 1/2’’ ( 110 cm)
Length from Neck to Bottom of Coat: 43 1/4’’ (109.9 cm)
Weight: 7 lb 11.5 oz

Chest Size: 46 3/4’’ ( 118.7 cm)
Length from Neck to Bottom of Coat: 43 1/4’’ (109.9 cm)
Weight: 7 lb 13.6 oz

Chest Size: 49 7/8’’ (126.6 cm)
Length from Neck to Bottom of Coat: 43 1/2’’ (109.9 cm)

Weight: This thickly-padded gambeson of cotton and natural cotton felt filler is widely adjustable to size thanks to its leather straps and brass side buckles. The collar is tightened to loosened with the front leather lacing. Due to this gambeson being crafted from organic material it will ‘’breathe’’ noticeably better than other artificial poly-fill gambesons.

Gambesons are handcrafted when stitched and constructed so their size will vary slightly - measurements should be understood to be approximations.

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