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Short Chinese Liuyedao - SW258

Short Chinese Liuyedao

Please note: Demonstrations in these videos may represent torture tests under ideal conditions and do not imply a sword will handle this type of activity consistently. Swords should only be used to cut approved materials, and proper training should be sought before partaking in this dangerous activity.
Overall Length: 26 3/4'' Blade 20''

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Weight: 1 lb 10.3 oz
Edge:  Sharp
P.O.B.: 5''
Thickness: 8.5 mm - 5.2 mm
Width: 37.5 mm
Grip Length: 6''
Pommel: Threaded / Glued

One of the two popular military swords of the Ming and much of the Qing Dynasties, the Liuyedao had a more gently curved blade and handle then its brother Yanmaodao. It was colloquially called the ‘’willow leaf saber’’. An excellent chop-and-slice sword, the Liuyedao has its origins from Chinese contact with the Turko-Mongol sabers their border foes wielded.

Qi Jiguang, a national hero of China, was a general who had a Liuyedao as his personal weapon. Qi Jiguang is famous for putting a stop to the predation of Japanese pirates on the Chinese coast. The turmoil of Japan’s ‘’Sengoku Jidai’’ wars gave many pirates motivation to pillage and terrorize the Chinese coast. They were bold enough to even establish permanent bases on Chinese soil. Their nefarious activities thrived at a time when an Emperor interested in little more than finding immortality left matters of state to the famously corrupt prime minister Yan Song. He personally embezzled more than half of the entire military budget, leaving the coast defense works in ruination, garrisoned by ill-equipped, ‘’second-rate’’ troops numbering less than 1/3 their listed numbers. Despite these handicaps, Qi Jiguang would fortify the coast, drill his troops and expel the pirates from their lairs. His sword, dated 1582, is now in a Chinese museum collection.

This Dao is made with a high carbon steel blade that has been folded during forging to produce many layers of steel, leaving a ‘’flowing water’’ pattern along the length of the blade. This was traditionally done to remove impurities from the lesser quality steel. Modern steel is quite pure by comparison, but folding is still sometimes done for its aesthetic quality and historical significance. The guard and fittings are of cast metal richly adorned with the symbol of the Imperial Dragon - its five toes marking it as the official power symbol of the Chinese Emperor. The grip is of wood and the scabbard is likewise adorned in matching wood and cast metal accents. Knotted black cord forms a loop for hanging on a belt.

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