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Damascus and Silver Koftgari Indian Saber with Wooden Display Case No. 13 - UST10_013

Damascus and Silver Koftgari Indian Saber with Wooden Display Case No. 13

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Overall Length: 38'' Blade: 32 3/4''
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No Longer Available
Blade: Damascus Steel
Weight: 2 lb 6.5 oz
Edge:  Unsharpened
P.O.B.: 9''
Thickness: 4 mm - 2.4 mm
Width: 35.2 mm
Grip Length: 2 1/2''
Pommel: Peened / Integrated

This ornate Talwar from India has a blade of damascus steel with panels of silver koftgari inlay on both sides of the blade. The spine of the blade is embellished with decorative filework. The blade has a slight twist to a side - it is not highly noticeable unless you are looking for it by looking down the spine. The steel hilt is lavishly embellished with koftgari inlay of silver. The blade tang was secured to the hilt by peening it at the end of the grip and then further securing it by filling the hilt with a hardened resin; this is the traditional technique for fitting Indian sword tangs into their hilts.

The sword is paired with a wood-core scabbard overlaid in vibrant blue velvet. Its steel components were decorated with silver koftgari to match the sword. The sword comes with a wooden display box with a glass front and lock tabs of brass and a brass carrying handle. The interior is padded with a firm foam insert with a green velvet cover.

The Damascus steel blade is crafted from the melding of two different steels into a single billet from which the smith forges the blade; the mixed steel leaves a vibrantly visible rippled patterning on the blade surface. Traditionally this was a technique done to merge harder and softer steels into a single blade to impart it with both a hardness for durability and edge retention and a degree of softness to prevent the blade from becoming brittle.

This was done to get good results from the quality of iron available for smithing. Damascus is now technically inferior to pure steel made from modern industrial-scale methods, but it is still desired as the beauty of Damascus is instantly notable and is a testament to the skill of the smith who forged it with the traditional methods.

The elegant and intricate design and patterning on the hilt was created with the laborious ‘’Koftgari’’ technique; a traditional process exemplified by Indian smiths whereby a design is chiselled and etched and then strands of wire, in this case silver wire, is carefully hammered into the etched design. The hilt is then heated in a kiln and the silver wire is then permanently annealed into a permanent design.

The patterning of the damascus blade varies with each blade in much the same manner as all fingerprints differ. Also the Koftgari designs are made to the individual design and artistry of the smith. Therefore every one of the swords of this type are uniquely crafted and are a testament to the traditional swordsmithing techniques of India.

Please Note: Unique Item - Only One Available!

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