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The Katana: perhaps the most famed of all swords the word itself has become a near synonym for supreme, ritualized craftsmanship, precision deadliness and unwavering warrior honor. A development of the earlier Tachi sword, the Katana achieved its own distinct form at the dawn of the Muromachi Period (1337 - 1573) and it blossomed into the essential warrior’s companion throughout Japan’s most turbulent times. A symbol of status and of the Samurai warrior class, the Katana became greater than a weapon, for it became the warrior soul of the Samurai. This deeply spiritual binding of warrior, sword and honored martial tradition saw the Katana used in war through to the end of World War II. .
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Katanas with 1045 Carbon Steel Blades
1045 High Carbon Steel

Suitable for lighter cutting and use, this resilient steel has the base requisite characteristics for a functional sword.
Katanas with 1050-1055 Carbon Steel Blades
1050 - 1055 High Carbon Steel

A tough and impact-resistant steel used for dependable blades.
Katanas with 1060-1065 Carbon Steel Blades
1060 -1065 High Carbon Steel

A solid all-rounder for durability and edge retention which is well suited for practical cutting swords.
Katanas with 1070-1075 Carbon Steel Blades
1070 - 1075 High Carbon Steel
A resilient compromise of durability and edge retention with a slight favorability to durability over higher carbon content steel.
Katanas with 1080-1085 Carbon Steel Blades
1080 - 1085 High Carbon Steel
A compromise of durability and edge retention with a slight favorability to edge retention over lower carbon content steel.
Katanas with 1090-1095 Carbon Steel Blades
1090 -1095 High Carbon Steel
A steel focused on its ability to hold a keen and sharp edge, though it is slightly more prone to taking damage in inexperienced hands.
Katanas with 1566 Carbon Steel Blades
1566 High Carbon Steel

A carbon steel with substantial manganese to create a deep-hardening, strong steel when tempered.
Katanas with 5160 Carbon Steel Blades
5160 High Carbon Steel

A favorite of many custom swordsmiths, this steel is flexible, resilient and will hold a edge.
Katanas with 65Mn Carbon Steel Blades
65Mn High Carbon Steel

A Chinese steel alloy formulated with a focus on durability and wear resistance.
Katanas with 9260 Carbon Steel Blades
9260 High Carbon Steel
Quality 9260 is well-regarded for its spring-like flexibility and shock-resistance.
Katanas with HWS-1S & HWS-2S Carbon Steel Blades
HWS-1S - HWS-2S High Carbon Steel

A proprietary blend exclusive to Hanwei, this steel is regarded as a high performance steel by Hanwei for its resilience, edge retention and ability to take a visually impressive hamon.
Katanas with K120C Swedish Powder Steel Blades
K120C Swedish Powder Steel
Powder steel is highly homogenous and excels at evenly distributing its carbon content to create an exceptionally pure steel.
Katanas with T10 Carbon Steel Blades
T10 Tool Steel

A Chinese alloy steel with properties similar to 1095 - it is also capable of producing a vibrant hamon when differentially-tempered.
Katanas with L6 Banite Blades
L6 Banite

Demanding to work with, L6 rewards the skilled swordsmith with one of the toughest blade structures that can be produced.
Katanas with Damascus Steel Blades
Damascus Steel

A folded blend of high and medium carbon steels that produces a dramatically patterned blade.
Katanas with Staninless Steel Blades
Stainless Steel

Resistant to rust this low maintenance steel is perfect for long term display. It is not suitable for functional use in swords due to inherent brittleness.
Katanas with Laminated Steel Blades
Laminated Steel

Lamination is a traditional Japanese construction method that melds panels of differing steels into a single blade.
Katanas with Tamahagane Steel Blades
Tamahagane Steel

Steel for blades which is produced in the traditional Japanese manner is referred to as Tamahagane.
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