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Lord of Battles – 14th-15th Century Pauldron’s with Rondels – 16 Gauge

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These 14th – 15th Century Pauldrons with Rondels are crafted from 16 gauge armor and are blackened on the inside of the plates. The segmented plates are articulated and fitted on one another with rivets and internal straps of leather.

Rondells of 16 gauge steel are included and they are tied to the upper part of the pauldron with an included leather cord. This same cord is used to tie these pauldrons to a gorget or chestplate. Buckles with adjustable leather straps are used to attach the upper arm armor to the arm of the wearer.

Please Note: These pauldrons will require a gorget or a chestplate with which to anchor these pauldrons in place.

Weight2 lb 7 oz each
Gauge [16 Gauge]
DimensionsIndividual Pauldron: Approximately 9 1/2'' Long - Individual Rondell: 4 3/4'' x 4 3/4''
MaterialMild Steel
ManufacturerLord Of Battles
Country of OriginIndia

3 reviews for Lord of Battles – 14th-15th Century Pauldron’s with Rondels – 16 Gauge

  1. Foster

    What you see is what you get (in a good way) The product has strong leather strapping, good construction and articulates well. The 16 gauge steel holds up well enough to live steel combat and I haven’t had to knock out any dents in them yet. I got these a while ago and no glaring issues have been found, using them in rain, sun, and many many fights.

    They aren’t the biggest or most covering pauldrons, but they work. The Rondelles fall to the appropriate position, but do tend to flap about as they are not secured by anything and simply hang over your armpit opening

    Non offensive and acurate historically, these pauldrons lack the cover and reach of later larger pieces, but do not get in your way, don’t weigh much and do their job admirably.

  2. Baron Cambell

    take a beating and dont rust the spauldrons where exactly what i was looking for. they are comfortable and don’tget in the way while swinging a sword, i train in this about twice a week and have had minimal rusting which is saying a lot since i sweat a lot while wearing armor, they’ve also taken blows from all manner of weapons and i don’t have a single dent just minor scratches, they’re simple design makes them suitable for a wide range of periods so they’re also great for reenactment, these i would recommend

  3. cameron (verified owner)

    for what you get they are exactly as pictured. good coverage, well built and tough as nails. the besegew is a little oddly attached, but its not a problem in the long run.

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