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14th Century Secret Helmet

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As history continued, many parts of a traditional suit of armor were dropped to increase mobility. Along with the breastplate, helmets continued to be worn. One popular style of helmet was the secret helm. Though there is no particular description for a secret helm, one would be worn under a large hat or military issue cover, as to provide extra protection. This secret will provide great protection whether you are looking for a normal wear helm, or you want a little surprise for your next duel.

Made of thick 14 guage steel with an adjustible leather liner and chin strap.

Gauge [14 Gauge]
TypeDome Helm
MaterialMild Steel
Country of OriginIndia

2 reviews for 14th Century Secret Helmet

  1. Greg H.

    Great Helmet! I’ve been using this “secret helmet” as a winter bicycle helmet. It stays warm even in subzero temps surprisingly, and once you get used to the weight you don’t even notice it. The large size fits my very large head.

  2. Rick M.

    Heavy Duty Protection in a Small Package I chose this helmet primarily for the low price, but it has become my absolute favorite.
    This helm is 2mm thick steel, but it is still light enough to not cause fatigue. I have a fairly big head, but the “large” size allows room for a mail coif for very good protection. It’s smooth round surface deflects hits very well and doesn’t obscure vision or hearing at all. The compact size allows for air circulation around the face and neck, so I stay cooler (I once had to wear it on a HOT summer day, so I put it in the freezer the night before, and carried it in my ice chest. It stayed cold for the whole demonstration and kept me cool, too. I outlasted everyone else!)
    It’s historically accurate and works for almost every medieval period and the renaissance as well. It’s light, comfortable and offers excellent protection without compromising vision or hearing. It’s the most useful helmet I own.

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