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Lord of Battles – 15th Century Arming Doublet – Red

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The 15th Century Arming Doublet is crafted from sturdy quilted cotton and padded on the inside with cotton felt. The gambeson is laced on the front with cords tipped with brass aiglets. A number of aiglet-tipped lacings hang from the shoulder and hem of this doublet; they allow for you to tie and anchor other additional armor pieces, such as jack-chains, some pauldrons or tassets onto the gambeson (extra armor not included).


Please Note: This Gambeson is constructed with the necessity that its wearer have a smaller waist measurement than their chest measurement. This is important to note, because a padded armor gambeson is not flexible in the same way a common and comparatively thinner shirt is.

Please Note: The length of this gambeson terminates where your natural waist is, not your belt waist. This makes it shorter than modern garments, though this gambeson is following the fashion of the 15th Century.


Chest Size: 37 1/4 (94.6 cm)
Waist Size: 32 1/4 (81.9 cm)
Length from Back Collar to Bottom of Coat: 22 (58 cm)
Weight: 5 lb 11.6 oz

Chest Size: 40 1/2 (102.8 cm)
Waist: 34 3/4 (88.2 cm)
Length from Neck to Bottom of Coat: 23 (60 cm)
Weight: 5 lb 11.6 oz

Chest Size: 43 1/2 (110 cm)
Waist Size: 36 1/4
Length from Neck to Bottom of Coat: 25 (64 cm)
Weight: 6 lb 1.6 oz

Chest Size: 46 3/4 (118.7 cm)
Waist Size: 37 7/8 (96 cm)
Length from Neck to Bottom of Coat: 25 (64 cm)
Weight: 6 lb 2.2 oz

Chest Size: 49 7/8 (127 cm)
Waist Size: 41 (104 cm).
Length from Neck to Bottom of Coat: 26 (68 cm)
Weight: 6 lb 5.5 oz

Chest Size: 55 (139 cm)
Waist Size: 42 (106 cm)
Length from Neck to Bottom of Coat: 26 1/2 (67 cm)

ManufacturerLord Of Battles
Country of OriginIndia

4 reviews for Lord of Battles – 15th Century Arming Doublet – Red

  1. Callum Carmichael

    Good arming garment for the price, but some issues with tailoring. There are pros and cons to this doublet.


    So, first of all, this is a great deal. It comes with similar sizing and arming points to the Historic Enterprises arming doublet, but at less than half the cost.

    The fit around the waist is also really good. The size (at least on mine) was exactly as advertised, and it fits me perfectly (there, at least…).

    The construction of the armpits is also very good, with historically correct gussets to allow the arms to be raised and lowered without pulling on the waist.

    I’ll include padding in the pros as well; the doublet is lightly padded. It’s on the higher end of what I would consider acceptable for a historically accurate harness, but shouldn’t ruin the fit on any but the most precisely tailored armour.


    The good things I’ve said about the tailoring don’t however, extend to the elbows. The arms are simple tubes. This is a big problem, because they are both tightly fitted and padded. So, whenever you bend your elbow, they tug on the outside and bunch up on the inside. It’s not horrible, but it restricts your movements at all times, doubly so when wearing arm harness. This could be solved by the inclusion of elbow gussets, which are present on some other Lord of Battles products but curiously absent on this one. I had to take mine to a tailor, which drove up the costs a bit.

    The other problem I have also relates to the padding. You might notice that on other padded garments, you tend to see lines of stitching throughout the garment to keep the padding evenly spread. Not having these raises the risk that the padding might clump up in some places, leaving other areas exposed and in general ruining the fit. This could be solved by either removing the padding altogether (it isn’t really required on this type of doublet) or by adding seams to keep it even. You could also have a tailor do this, though it would drive up the final price even more.

    So my verdict is that this is a good doublet for the price, so long as you have ready access to a tailor or are able to make the necessary alterations yourself. If you want a doublet that works flawlessly right out of the box, this might not be the right choice.

  2. Sean

    Very impressed Initially I was skeptical about purchasing this product, expecting something of costume quality, however I was mistaken, and pleasantly so. The material is exquisite, the fit is good, I’m a 41 regular, and it is very aesthetically pleasing. I am 100% satisfied with this product and have every intention of purchasing more of cult of Athena’s products.

  3. Jeff Webb

    Could Withstand Use With Armour While I used this particular garment unarmored on several occasions, once I attached my steel upper legs to the points provided on the jacket to aid in holding the weight of the legs, the jacket actually ripped at the points where the upper leg armour was attached. This, for one made the jacket unserviceable for future use. This also caused a problem with maneuverability was the leg armour was no longer supported completely as the jacket is intended to aid in. The jacket was fine as far as tying the points for arm and shoulder armour. The jacket was also very comfortable, but in the end…a disappointment from the overall functionality standpoint. If you want to get it for this type of jacket’s intended purpose, it would be a very good idea to reinforce the holes for the point ties with leather on both sides of the hole. This may help to prevent the failure as happened with mine. In the end, I had to throw mine in the trash. But, if you add the reinforcements with stitching leather as I stated, it may work a great deal better.

  4. patriot17 (verified owner)

    came in less then a week perfect condition fits great great quality no issues with the fabric ripping holds up well and looks great just as pictured would recommend

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