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Albion Ringeck Medieval War Sword

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In the first half of the 15th century, swordmaster Sigmund Ringeck compiled a book with comments on the fencing teachings from Johannes Liechtenauer’s verses from c.1389. (Master Sigmund Ringeck’s Commentaries on Johann Liechtenauer’s Fechtbuch – c. 1389 to 1440) Ringeck’s longsword style is very simple and yet elegant in its approach, based on efficiency and simplicity. While many of the Medieval fighting manuals primarily show counter-techniques and tricks, Ringeck’s greatness is that he starts with the basics and then step-by-step teaches the student the secrets of the longsword.

The Albion Ringeck Medieval War Sword features a sharpened high carbon steel blade heat-treated to a fine temper in the Albion Forge Shop. The grip is of stabilized birch, wrapped with cord and covered with the highest grade vegetable-tanned calfskin.

Overall Length46 1/4''
Blade Length36 3/8''
Weight3 lb 5.5 oz
EdgeVery Sharp
Width47.8 mm
Thickness9 mm - 3.7 mm
P.O.B.3 1/4''
Grip Length7 1/4''
Blade [6150 High Carbon Steel]
Grip ColorBlack Grip=default, Dark Brown Grip, Light Brown Grip, Oxblood Grip, Red Grip, Blue Grip=$+25, Green Grip=$+25
ClassBattle Ready
ManufacturerAlbion Swords Ltd
Country of OriginUSA

Albion Ringeck Test Cutting & Review (Oakeshott Type XVa Medieval Longsword)

3 reviews for Albion Ringeck Medieval War Sword

  1. Medieval Review

    Beauty in simplicity and ultra functional. See my full review here:

  2. Hoplos

    Killing Steel It can be difficult to tell from photos, but this is an imposing and tough slayer of a blade. It thrusts like Odin’s spear and is capable of formidable cuts. The last inch or two of the point is reinforced so that you have an awl like needle, almost rectangular, very durable and wicked, not delicate at all. Easy to believe that it would pierce a maille voider or linen jack.

    Very fast and agile in two hands, somewhat less in one but still deadly. Feels like a blade made for a dark alley or a battlefield. Built like a tank while elegant and lethal at the same time; fast as a frog’s tongue. To me this type is the jack of all trades. Short spear, long sword, war hammer, sidearm of last resort.

    Mine came from Albion with a keen edge but not paper cutting sharp. It will tear through cardboard and cut paracord, and draw cut flesh with a fair amount of pressure. I personally like mine paper cutting sharp. This may vary from blade to blade, based on feedback from other Ringeck owners. Still a deadly edge in a sword fight, I believe.

  3. Ziemowit

    This sword is just Amazing This is my first ever sword I ordered, feels a bit heavier than 1.5kg at first but then I got used to it and let me tell you its very light for its size. I viewed the sword when i first got it and i could still see and feel some oil on the blade (which is good). I ordered the sword blunt so i didn’t do any cut tests but i bashed it a few times at wooden bench and at metal bar and i did notice very little to no damage. Its very tough and I felt very little impact when striking on other objects.

    The sword looks beautiful, its durable and its worth every cent!

    I made some mistakes in customisation, I emailed the staff about the problem I had with the order and they were very helpful.

    I cant give the sword more praise I hope it will last a life time!

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