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Anglo-Saxon Helm – Blackened – 18 Gauge Steel

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This Saxon Spangenhelm is crafted from riveted plates of steel that have been blackened. The steel cheekplates are fitted to the helm with movable hinges of leather. The rim of the cheekplates are lined with leather to ensure that a steel edge does not cut or chafe the face. The interior of the helm is unlined.



The Anglo-Saxons, like many of the dark age contemporaries favored the protective Spangenhelm. One of its strengths was that it was fairly easy to construct as it was constructed from a series of riveted plates, instead of hammered from a single piece of steel. If well-riveted and padded it would be a great and essential protection for the head.


The Spangenhelm is an iconic helm of the dark ages and it persisted until the early Medieval period when it evolved into nasal bar helms crafted from a single piece of steel.

Weight3 lb 15.5 oz
Gauge [18 Gauge]
MaterialMild Steel
Country of OriginIndia

1 review for Anglo-Saxon Helm – Blackened – 18 Gauge Steel

  1. Mark M.

    Wonderful DIY project helm…. Exactly what I was hoping for. This helm is well built, and not overly heavy. It is BIG…my head is 23-1/2”, and I will definitely need padding. Looks very good even with improvised padding and my darkened mail coif! This will highly compliment my Epic Dark Warrior armor! My only qualm is that the rivets on the cheekplates could have been done better. They are cupped outward from being hammered into place, and snag on the mail coif. This is really no problem, since the leather that holds the cheekplates is easily replaced. I will do this, and add an integrated chinstrap at the same time. THANK YOU to KoA and the UPS for delivering on time, even due to bad winter weather!!!……McM

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