This French Medieval Falchion by Angus Trim has a sharp-edged blade which is crafted from 5160 high carbon steel with great attention paid to blade geometry and balance to ensure optimized cutting performance. The blade is finished with a marquenched hardness of 51-53 HRc and it is robustly mounted into the hilt with a permanent nut assembly. The guard and pommel are heat-blued steel and the stabilized hardwood grip is tightly bound in oxblood hue leather.

This Falchion has a significant amount of distal taper and its thick blade spine at the base gives it durability and this tapers significantly down the length of the sword until it merges into a streamlined false edge on the reverse of the main cutting portion of the sword. This ensures that this widened part of the blade does not upset the balance as well as creating a wide cutting plane optimized for slicing into and through a target with minimal drag which allows the blade to maintain excellent velocity as it passes through its target. The blade sharply tapers into a thrusting tip which is a surprisingly capable puncturing tool when wielded by a skilled hand.