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Lord of Battles – Antiqued Gjermunbu Helmet

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Only one complete Viking Helm has been unearthed thus far; the Gjermundbu Helm. Found at a Norwegian farm the helmet is over 1000 years old, dating back to 970 AD. It was crafted in the manner of a Spangenhelm with dome plates riveted together. Its most striking feature is the spectacle-like Ocularia face mask that gives its wearer an imposing visage. There is evidence that the original helm may have had an aventail of chainmail. The Gjermundbu is regarded as one of the more complex, and likely expensive Viking helms, for runestones and other illustration show that far simpler helmets were often worn. The Gjermundbu was likely a helm for a Chieftain or a well-outfitted warrior of his personal retinue. The sight of such an imposing figure, grim helm alit by torchlight in a nighttime raid, must have been terrifying.

This recreation of the Gjermundbu helm has been crafted to give it an antiquated appearance. It has been artificially pitted for an aged texture and dark oils in the recesses give it the effect of having trace rust. It is crafted from 14 gauge steel. The Interior is lined with an adjustable leather liner that has been glued to the helm interior. It has an integrated chin strap with an adjustable buckle. An aventail of butted chainmail has been added to complete the helm.

WeightLarge: 7 lb 5 oz
Gauge [14 Gauge]
TypeOcular Helm
MaterialMild Steel
ManufacturerLord Of Battles
Country of OriginIndia

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3 reviews for Lord of Battles – Antiqued Gjermunbu Helmet

  1. Alex

    What a helm Wow this thing is half a tank. It’s not 14 gauge as the description said, it’s more like 12 gauge. It covers my nose and upper lip area very well, so I’d imagine the rest of my face would be well protected by a shield. I got way more than I paid for, and I’d recommend this helm to anyone who has a little viking in their heart.

  2. Samuel

    With tlc it’s a pretty sick looking helmet I picked up this helm off a friend on a trade. Originally the “antiqued” steel had the appearance of fake plastic costume armor… And the liner was just glued in. So I removed the liner, oil blackened the entire helmet in a fire, stitched in the liner, added some maille on the front and it turned out pretty dang good. Very burly helm, doesn’t like denting.

  3. Paul

    Very nice helmet This thing is solid. I love the finish, which opposite of another reviewer, I think looks authentic. Not a fan of the butted mail, so I replaced it with riveted link from a mail shirt I had to shorten. It may be the shape of my head, but the fit was narrow front to back. I had to lay it on its side and compress it on the sides which reshaped and fixed the problem.
    Overall I still love this helmet. With the mail, from what I’ve seen, all of these helmets have butted and not riveted mail.

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