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Arms and Armor Burgundian Poleaxe

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Based on an original from the 15th century, this Burgundian poleaxe offers its wielder a trifecta of options for defeating armor; cleaving axe, puncture hammer or armor-piercing spike. As the amount of plate armor worn not only by the knightly class, but the common foot soldier increased in the later middle ages, weapons such as poleaxes took precedence on the battlefield as the best option for defeating armor. Poleaxes became, in the waning years of the medieval era, a popular weapon for tournaments and trial-by-combat.

Arms and Armor created this poleaxe from a museum piece, now in the Wallace Collection, London (A925). The top spike, measuring 8 , is integrated as a single piece with the axe, hammer and langets, making this a sturdy weapon. It is securely mounted onto a strong wooden haft. The axe edge and spike are sharp.

2 reviews for Arms and Armor Burgundian Poleaxe

  1. Chiron

    Poleaxe A beautiful piece for any collection, workmanship is the best, weight and handling are well done, I do cut test with all of my collection, and this Poleaxe is one of the best, the price may seem a bit on the up side but you do truly get what you pay for.

  2. Michael S.

    Great Craftsmanship and good delivery time. Quoted delivery time was four months. It arrived in one! As expected for an A&A piece, the craftsman ship is top notch: Good, clean lines, excellent finishing, no sign of sloppy welds or half-hearted peens. The axe head is sharp, the hammer head spikes well formed and anxious to bite armor. The top spike it stout… ideal for popping mail rings. The haft is high quality… no crap wood here. Well worth the price and great service from KoA.

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