Named after one of the medieval periods largest battles, Grunwald, in 1410 was the loss that marked the decline of the Teutonic Order in Northern Europe and the ascendency of their foes, the allied Polish and Lithuanians (joined with Moldavan, Czech and Tatars). This sword is inspired by the knightly crusader kingdom of the North, the Teutonic Order. Their time in the northeastern Europe was marked by religious strife against the remnants of Lithuanian paganism and the contest with the rising Eastern European kingdoms.

This medieval knightly sword straddles a transition between mail and plate predominant defenses and still features a wide blade designed with prime cutting power. The blade is made from 6150 high carbon steel, tempered to a Rockwell Hardness of approximately 50. The blade tang is fitted through a steel guard and pommel and peened for strength. The wooden grip is tightly wrapped in brown leather.