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Arms & Armor Spiked Mace

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This brutally efficient mace could easily crush armor and break bones. The spiked head concentrates the force of the blow on the points, making short work of even the strongest armor. Cast in solid carbon steel.

Please Note: While all-steel maces are sturdy they are not indestructible. They were designed for striking targets softer and less dense than the mace – namely warriors wearing steel armor which was considerably thinner than the mace flanges. Bashing a steel mace onto concrete roads, dense trees and wood beams, cinder blocks, I-beams and other hard or dense targets may result in bending the steel mace, damaging its flanges or causing other damage.

2 reviews for Arms & Armor Spiked Mace

  1. David W.

    What are you gonna do with that? What are you gonna do with that? Is the response I get when showing people this spiked mace! Tenderize a steak is usually my response. This is the mace I’ve seen hit cartoon characters in the Saturday morning cartoons as a kid in the 90’s. I’m not a history buff but I do know my weapons and steel because I collect knives, guns and now this thing. The point on the top is needle sharp and the sides are as sharp as a dull pencil. It is CAST steel, not machined. They probably don’t pump out 1000 a day so the casting has “character”. It is not perfectly symmetrical but when dealing with custom weaponry like this the price meets the construction. It is worth the price in my opinion. The shaft is straight, the ball has little ripples in spots and the spikes are well… medieval looking of course. Some of the spikes are a little more imperfect than others. It’s a solid steel mace that can open a knights helmet like a cartoon! What more can you ask for!?

  2. Terry

    Spiked mace I like it. Go’s well with my German flail. Handel and shaft well done , head has some pits & wrinkles from casting. Good attitude adjuster. ; )~

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