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Arms & Armor – Type L War Axe

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This Danish Type L War Axe is reproduced after an original in the British Museum dated to c.1000 AD; it has a head of sharpened high carbon steel which is durably mounted onto a haft of robust ash hardwood. The axe head is secured with a well-crafted wooden axe wedge which was driven into the socket to expand the haft within the axehead socket to create a very tight and strong fitting. The axe is purposefully designed to take advantage of its shape and gravity to easily and properly align its cutting edge to squarely strike the center of a target. On the reverse of the head is a broad and flat hammer-head to allow for powerful concussive blows.

It would be a foolish foe who mistakenly believes the bearer of this axe to be in possession of a slow weapon which was difficult to maneuver – nothing could be farther from the truth for this axe is a swift striker and its large and relatively thin bladed head bites and hacks into a target with great ease. The wide head capably splits the target apart and the thinner blade reduces unneeded drag as the axe blade passes through its target. Evidence of the cutting and chopping prowess can be seen inflicted on the remains of the unfortunate fallen of the Battle of Wisby.

It is easy to see why the Danes and other Scandinavian warriors often preferred these long-hafted axes. The axe not only brings substantial reach, power and speed, but in skilled hands it can also be used for surprisingly capable thrusting techniques or even used to hook and control a foes weapon or limb as opportunity arose.


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