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Ash Spear Pole – 84”

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This 7 foot solid ash pole is perfect for constructing your own spear or makes a great quarter staff. 1 1/4” diameter pole can easily be tapered down to fit most spear heads we sell separately.

Please note: Poles may not be perfectly straight. We try to weed out the worst ones, but almost all of them may have slight a warp. We’ll try to provide the straightest ones we can, but are limited by what the manufacturer can provide.

Please note: This pole is too long to be shipped internationally via USPS. International shipments will need to select UPS International for their shipping carrier.

2 reviews for Ash Spear Pole – 84”

  1. Alec

    Long, straight, and beautiful It is every bit of seven feet long, and the spear head only adds to it. This allows one to have superior reach in battle. It came nice and straight, very light in color with a nice grain pattern. It’s smooth and comfortable in hand. The only problem I’ve had with it is that it is extremely problematic in enclosed spaces, as one might expect, and is difficult to transport in most vehicles. I still give it five stars, though. It does, without a doubt, what it was designed to do. Just make sure you’re aware you have to taper it for spear heads yourself.

  2. Fred "Ulfmundstrond"

    Yup! That’s wood! Yup, that’s wood alright!

    I ordered this shaft for the Long Bladed Hewing Spearhead, and it was exactly what I expected it to be, 7′ of lovely, straight, ash. The shaft came sanded very smooth, probably down to about a 220 grit or so. It is a bare, sanded finish with no stain, oil or wax on it, very light in color, almost white.

    I cut a good 18″ off one end, tapered it to fit the head (it is literally a 7′ ash dowel for lack of a better word, the ends are squarely cut), applied a light stain of Minwax Golden Oak to make the grain pop (the grain is lovely and straight, as ash should be), sealed it with a coat of Danish oil, and affixed my chosen head. The extra is going to be the handle for an axe I am forging.

    It is sturdy and springy, just as ash should be; probably why ash makes a good bow too. I’ll order another if I need a new shaft, or a really heavy duty broom handle!

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