This Late Medieval Arming Sword by Balaur Arms is a nimble cut-and-thrust sword with a lively balance; its unobtrusive design makes it eminently suitable as an everyday sidearm sword for the knight or professional man of arms. It also functions well as a secondary, close-combat melee weapon for medieval soldiery, levies and guild militia who although primarily armed with polearms or missile weapons would often have such a sword at the ready should the melee disintegrate into an in-close, cut-and-thrust fighting scrum.

The blade is well-tempered high carbon steel. The blade has a hollow-ground cross section to substantially reduce unneeded weight whilst retaining a prominent blade spine for stiffness. Towards the main cutting portion of the blade the spine takes on an overall flattened profile to reduce blade drag in a cut and its tapered profile ensures that it has substantial thrusting ability.

The crossguard and pommel are hand-forged from steel and like many medieval originals they are hand-forged into form. The wooden grip is well-bound in tightly fitted leather. Included with the sword is a quality wooden scabbard with a tight binding of black leather and a protective steel chape.