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Balaur Arms – 15th Century Arming Sword – 2nd Gen Close Out

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2nd Gen

This Late Medieval Arming Sword by Balaur Arms is a nimble cut-and-thrust sword with a lively balance; its unobtrusive design makes it eminently suitable as an everyday sidearm sword for the knight or professional man of arms. It also functions well as a secondary, close-combat melee weapon for medieval soldiery, levies and guild militia who although primarily armed with polearms or missile weapons would often have such a sword at the ready should the melee disintegrate into an in-close, cut-and-thrust fighting scrum.

The blade is well-tempered high carbon steel. The blade has a hollow-ground cross section to substantially reduce unneeded weight whilst retaining a prominent blade spine for stiffness. Towards the main cutting portion of the blade the spine takes on an overall flattened profile to reduce blade drag in a cut and its tapered profile ensures that it has substantial thrusting ability.

The crossguard and pommel are hand-forged from steel and like many medieval originals they are hand-forged into form. The wooden grip is well-bound in tightly fitted leather. Included with the sword is a quality wooden scabbard with a tight binding of black leather and a protective steel chape.

Overall Length38 3/8''
Blade Length32"
Weight2 lbs 2 oz
Width42.6 mm
Thickness5.1 mm - 2.6 mm
P.O.B.5 1/4"
Grip Length4"
Blade [1075 High Carbon Steel]
TypeArming Sword
ClassBattle Ready
ManufacturerBalaur Arms
Country of OriginIndia

9 reviews for Balaur Arms – 15th Century Arming Sword – 2nd Gen Close Out

  1. Henrik Bjoern Boegh

    This is a very nicely made and very lively sword. The only drawbacks I have found really is the type of leather and thread used. It balances nicely and has a very sturdy construction.

  2. gpete79935 (verified owner)

    I tried to pick up one of these before the prior manufacter models sold out. I love my Balaur Arms Teutonic Sword. I jumped on it when the new ones came in before I realized they were now being made by Windlass.

    I will have to say I am pleasantly surprised. The quality is excellent in both the workmanship on the blade and scabbard. I do not think the balance is quite the same as the earlier models but very close. It does not have the wrist breaker balance of the typical Windlass sword (I have sold all but 3 of their best most widely acclaimed models because of this).

    An excellent effort and worth the price. For the price it compares favorably with an Albion. Only disappointing change is the guard is now straight instead of slightly curved.

  3. Aidan (verified owner)

    I am extremely satisfied with this sword. I wanted to buy the previous model of this sword before they switched manufacturers, so I was a little nervous to receive the new model. But now after receiving it I can safely say that this is still worth it. The leather on the grip is pretty nice and I like the cord texture that they put on it. The blade polish, geometry and shape are all top notch and finished extremely well. The peen is also surprisingly well done for the price range. The thing that I am most thrilled about it the fit of the scabbard. The scabbard fits PERFECTLY to the blade, its not too tight or loose and best of all there is no rattle. I also paid for the sharpening service from KOA and they did a very nice job. It cuts paper out of the box and the secondary bevel isn’t too noticeable. This sword is really well balanced and light which makes it feel very nimble in the hand. Recovery isn’t an issue when cutting like other swords in this price range. Overall, if you’re thinking about buying this sword I would 100% recommend it. Easily one of the best budget swords I’ve had!

  4. kawayama (verified owner)

    A very lively, well balanced and light blade.

  5. Welshman (verified owner)

    Brings me no pleasure to report it, but the quality has noticeably gone down, despite the price going up. I own an unsharpened version of the previous model, and bought a sharpened one of this one. Some changes of note examining them side-by-side:

    – The crossguard is no longer curved forward, it is now straight. This is a minor difference, you may even prefer it, but it’s curious. Why the change? Is the new manufacturer not capable of making that kind of crossguard?
    – The new sword feels noticeably lighter and seems to have a slightly thinner blade, even accounting for the sharpening. Hopefully this doesn’t mean that the blade is weaker, it may just be because it’s made of stronger steel. If you prefer a lighter sword this may be a positive for you.
    – The maker’s mark is smaller and not nearly as legible as the old sword. Poor workmanship.
    – The blades themselves are of identical length, but the scabbard on the new sword is longer. Slightly inconvenient.
    – The scabbard on the new one came damaged out of the box. Disappointing.
    – The sharpening is uneven near the crossguard, which is a minor issue but still a noticeable cosmetic one.
    – The stamped faux-leather grip looks kind of smudged compared to the old one. It doesn’t look as crisp, if that makes sense; more sloppily made. It looks kind of like they stamped the fake cord texture sloppily across the whole thing rather than just cleanly on the middle section like on the old one.
    – The pommel is not as cleanly peened on the new sword as it is on the old one. Again, poor workmanship.

    My verdict: The new sword, while still a fine sword, looks and feels like a cheap knockoff of the original. An imitation handbag, except you’re paying more for it than the brand name. Definitely not worth the switch just for the bragging rights of being exactly 5100 grade steel or whatever it was; Devil’s Edge was a decidedly better manufacturer than this one.

    Bottom line, this is still a good sword for the price point, but the switch to the new manufacturer was purely negative for everyone but the three people who complained about the steel composition. A textbook case of pandering to a vocal minority. I totally understand KoA being upset with Devil’s Edge for lying to them about the metal they used… but this sword does not live up to the standard they set in every other department. I’m not a sword nerd, so I can’t speak to the finer details, but even I can see this is a subpar reproduction. I hope KoA can improve upon it, because the old Balaur Arms arming sword was a shining gem!

  6. Gunnar Hunt (verified owner)

    the ONLY reason this doesnt get 5 stars is that i can scratch the edge with a file without applying any pressure and the balance is a tad off (but thats to be expected at this price point) and finally the guard is just a tad on the sharp side

    overall i dont think you can do much better for this kinda money. one thing i WAS worried about was the width of the tang which after close inspection shows its much wider than the previous maker, making for a much more solid build overall. the pommel is rock solid as is the guard. nothing is off center. there is a bit of wobble in the grind, but thats also to be expected. the edge however, doesnt have any significant wobble which will make sharpening this a breeze.

    gonna make a great ren-fest side arm :)

  7. Gunnar Hunt (verified owner)

    UPDATED REVIEW after sharpening and using this sword a few times i gotta say it handles like a decent sword, but the steel quality is trash. its so soft you can barley touch it with the lightest file and it deforms the edge, and it WILL NOT STAY SHARP. it hasnt fallen apart on me yet, but if you want something to cut with, this aint it.

  8. Ray Blundell (verified owner)

    This in the ninth balaur sword I purchased,came fast even though I had it sharpened.The peened on the prommel is good.No taper in the prommel towards the top,it is polished nice.The grip is 4″ and done perfect.The guard is 7&1/4″, is done wery well.The pob is 4&5/8″,the blade length is 32″,the weight on mine is 2&1/2 pounds,the width at the guard is 1&3/4″ and the distal taper is 5mm-3mm-2mm–and at the tip 1&1/2mm.The gap at the guard where meets the blade is done well-small.The scabbard fits perfect,only thing I found was little pice of leather missing on back of one side of the rain guard.I cut some water bottles of various types,cut great!-haven’t cut mats yet due I just cut with the other balaur arms swords,will have to get some ready to cut then update.The sharping service from cult of athena was good.This is a fantastic arming sword I highly recomend.Rember to only cut water,bottles and bamboo,safe cutting Ray Blundell

  9. J. Moore (verified owner)

    My sword looked great when it first arrived, decent fit and finish for a budget sword and it handled nicely in the hand. The KoA guys did a great job with the sharpening service and easily cut through some paper and skewered the carboard box it came in. I was excited to give it a cutting test on mats and while it did cut fairly deep for a few strikes, it unfortunately snapped about a third of the way from the tip on a downstroke. The cross-section of the broken steel had a noticeable black spot in it, indicating that the cause of failure was with the sword and not my (admittedly poor) swinging. I guess I was a fool for buying a no-refunds closeout sale of a budget sword with known quality control issues.

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