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Balaur Arms – 15th Century German Longsword

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Dyeing the crossguard chape adds approximately 14 days to order fulfillment time. If ordering with sharpening then approximate order fulfillment time is 16 days.

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The Balaur Arms German Longsword recreates the sword of a knight or professional mercenary of the 15th century and its bit of Gothic flair places its styling comfortably within the principalities of the Holy Roman Empire, Bohemia or the Swiss Cantons. A nimble longsword, its Type XVIa blade is balanced for cutting and thrusting and its geometry forms a fine compromise between a weight-reducing fuller at the base of the blade and a more rigid diamond shaped blade cross section in the last half of the blade to make it suitable for thrusting and impactful cutting. The blade is forged from high carbon steel with a tempered hardness of 56 – 58 HRc.

The crossguard and pommel are fashioned from steel and the wooden grip is tightly bound in black leather. The blade is stoutly peened over the pommel for an overall robust construction. A rainguard chape of thick embossed vegetable-tanned leather is at the base of the crossguard; these leather attachments were not unusual to see on central European swords of the period, but are not often reproduced in replicas because many of these leather pieces did not preserve well with the centuries and thus they are not seen on many of the museum pieces used as reference. Though often called a “rain guard” there is lively debate among sword scholars to its true purpose – practical? ornamental? an early form of protection from specific fencing techniques when not wearing gauntlets? The true purpose is open for deliberation, but these leather attachments were often a focal point for artisanal design and embellishment on high quality swords.

The sword is paired with a companion scabbard of wood which is overlaid in a fitted leather binding and completed with a protective steel chape.

Please Note: The factory standard version of this sword has an undyed leather rainguard chape at the crossguard which you can dye or paint to your own liking. You also have the option of having us dye it for you for an additional fee and the colors offered are: Black. Red, Brown and Blue. Please note that the dye service adds a wait time until your order can ship out. If you order additional sharpening and the dye coloring together please allow for a few additional days over the standard sharpening fee time for your order to be completed and processed. The dye application is a multi-step process with waiting an drying time involved so this needs to be accounted for.

The exacting hue and level of antiquing on the finish can vary due to the handcrafted nature of this service. We try to achieve a compromise between a solid color with some antiquing for colors like brown or red. Photos should be regarded as an approximation.

If you wish to dye it yourself we recommend learning about how to properly dye leather before beginning. We have found that the undyed leather chape will want to stay in a more open position than may be desired. To get the leather to be more parallel and in-line with the sword we have the chape dry in the desired position. As it dries it stiffens into its desired form.

Overall Length45 5/16"
Blade Length35 1/2"
Weight3 lbs
Width54.5 mm
Thickness4.5 mm - 2.4 mm
P.O.B.4 1/2"
Grip Length7 1/4"
Blade [1561 High Carbon Steel (ASTM)]
ClassBattle Ready
ManufacturerBalaur Arms
Country of OriginIndia

Kult of Athena Balaur Arms Longsword Review

5 reviews for Balaur Arms – 15th Century German Longsword

  1. jfbuyonline (verified owner)

    Quick take. After digging through 60 ft of paper packing I have to say that the sword and scabbard is pretty spectacular. You can tell its all hand done. Some of the lines along the blade waver if you look for it. If you care. The furniture is tight. Crisp and clean. Leather work is nicely done. I did not have the rain cover dyed and its fine. I’m sure its also fine colored. Rain guard came in a plastic wrap which was a pain to remove. I did not have this sharpened. If you’re planning to cut, sharpen it.

  2. Knight of the Black Rose (verified owner)

    Out of the box impressions are its a decent sword. Went without sharpening, might sharpen it later. For now, it will be used as a belt sword for out-of-combat applications at HMB events. The scabbard does not fit will, the sword will fall out if turned upside down. The leather is real on all parts made of leather, and the scabbard and hilt have that leathery smell. i went with undyed leather, hoping for a natural patina from handling.

  3. SirThomasOfMillom (verified owner)

    In my opinion this is a budget Albion. Very good flex in the blade. The leather work from the rain guard to the grip are done extremely well. It cuts very well. Definitely worth every penny of what they want for it.

  4. jfbuyonline (verified owner)

    I’ve reviewed this one here, spent a few weeks with it now, and have absolutely no idea why its not sold out yet. I’m honestly considering ordering another one sharpened and dyed, and then gifting the first one I bought because its pretty darn brilliant and I have a friend that REALLY likes it! The sword has profile taper. It also has distal taper which surprised me to no end! Let me repeat, I bought digital calipers to be sure, and this thing for reals, has distal taper! It seems to have decent temper but I have to admit that I have not tried cutting a Volkswagen in half with it. Yet!

    It also has pretty incredible finish at the price point. If this was a grand, there are nits I would pick with the finish such as some of the cutouts in the guard being imperfectly aligned. But its not a grand. In fact its pretty much the exact opposite of a grand. Its basically an MRL price point for something that few things from MRL ever approach. And for a wood cored scabbard. And for a rain guard.

    Are you kidding me?

  5. alientude (verified owner)

    Beautiful sword with excellent fit and finish in the hilt, especially the grip. I wasn’t sure if I’d like the rain flaps, but ended up loving them. Kult of Athena’s sharpening on the blade, dye job on the rain flaps, and quality control were pretty lackluster, however. The distal taper is less well-defined than I’d like – it sits at 4.1mm thick for around half the blade before tapering to 3mm near the tip.

    I have part one of a review of this sword on Youtube:

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