The Balaur Arms 15th Century Italian Longsword is a swift striking cut-and-thrust longsword which transitions with ease between guards; the sword is easy to point and quick on both acceleration and recovery. Its weight and balance are such that it can be used single-handedly if needed, though the longsword style grip hinders this manner of usage for sustained action and it truly comes into its own with the use of the second hand.

The blade is forged from high carbon steel with a spring-temper and a satin polish finish. The blade was well-tempered to a 50-52 HRc hardness. The hollow ground blade reduces weight throughout the body of the blade whilst retaining a central ridge for stiffness and durability. This hollow ground cross section takes on a flattened form in its main cutting portion due to distal tapering and this serves to give the blade a shallow profile to minimize drag as the blade passes through a target.

The crossguard and pommel are both forged by hand and the blade has been solidly anchored and mounted into the hilt with a skillfully shaped peen which has been melded into the pommel tip itself. The grip is crafted from wood and is finished with a tightly bound wrap of oxblood leather. The sword comes with a wooden scabbard with a wrap of oxblood leather and chape fitting of steel.

Please Note: There is a matching dagger for this sword available separately from Balaur Arms. It is the 15th Century Italian Sword-Hilt Dagger (SKU: BR115) and it makes a fine companion to this sword to create a matched set.