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Balaur Arms – 15th Century Italian Longsword – 2nd Gen Closeout

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2nd Gen

The Balaur Arms 15th Century Italian Longsword is a swift striking cut-and-thrust longsword which transitions with ease between guards; the sword is easy to point and quick on both acceleration and recovery. Its weight and balance are such that it can be used single-handedly if needed, though the longsword style grip hinders this manner of usage for sustained action and it truly comes into its own with the use of the second hand.

The blade is forged from high carbon steel with a spring-temper and a satin polish finish. The blade was well-tempered to a 50-52 HRc hardness. The hollow ground blade reduces weight throughout the body of the blade whilst retaining a central ridge for stiffness and durability. This hollow ground cross section takes on a flattened form in its main cutting portion due to distal tapering and this serves to give the blade a shallow profile to minimize drag as the blade passes through a target.

Close Outs are Non Refundable

The crossguard and pommel are both forged by hand and the blade has been solidly anchored and mounted into the hilt with a skillfully shaped peen which has been melded into the pommel tip itself. The grip is crafted from wood and is finished with a tightly bound wrap of oxblood leather. The sword comes with a wooden scabbard with a wrap of oxblood leather and chape fitting of steel.

Please Note: There is a matching dagger for this sword available separately from Balaur Arms. It is the 15th Century Italian Sword-Hilt Dagger (SKU: BR115) and it makes a fine companion to this sword to create a matched set.

Overall Length45 5/8''
Blade Length34 3/4''
Weight2 lbs 12 oz
Width43.7 mm
Thickness5.5 mm - 2.5 mm
P.O.B.3 1/4"
Grip Length7 15/16"
Blade [1075 High Carbon Steel]
ManufacturerBalaur Arms
Country of OriginIndia

Balaur Arms 15th Century Italian Longsword Review

8 reviews for Balaur Arms – 15th Century Italian Longsword – 2nd Gen Closeout

  1. SirThomasOfMillom (verified owner)

    Overall great sword hilt feels solid nothing rattles after usage. Blade could be a bit stiffer a little on the whippy side.

  2. Chris

    nice weighting! felt quiet lively in the hands. Very solid construction, the tempering is on point with good amount of flex. I will say though, that I think if this was secured via nut, id be able to swap out guards, the peening is decent but a bit noticably messy.

    Overall this deserves 4 stars given its quality is far higher than its price point, its actually incredible for its price and good begginer sword.

  3. Zaplechat (verified owner)

    Feels good in hand. Purchase arrived less than 2 weeks after order (from the usa to europe ! Very fast !)
    Cuts well (cut evian bottles with it which I hadn’t managed with the cold steel grosse messer)
    Downside is the grip, it gets a bit slippery when wet with sweat. It’s slightly too large as well on the top if the grip but the bottom is perfect for the left hand.
    Blade is very flexible, I was surprised because my only other sword is the cold steel one which is like stone and doesn’t move at all. I tried it once or twice against wood just to see how it reacts to hard contact, absolutely no problem. I guess the springyness of the steel is something you just get used to with time. Does feel odd doing meyer square exercise.
    The scabbard unfortunately does not tie to the blade but has little flaps on the side, I added a little hook in them so I can close it using a lock. Can’t complain much about a free scabbard, it does the job making the sword safe for transport so I’m happy, just mentioning it but doesn’t affect the star rating. Gave it 4 for the handle being slippery rly. Good sword, satisfied. :)

  4. Jack

    Overall a decent quality sword. Very good for the price. The blade is a little too flexible but it doesn’t ruin it. Its Very aesthetically pleasing. I would definitely recommend it.

  5. Sebastian Mangano (verified owner)

    I liked the blade and think it’s great. It’s temper is great. I got some good swings on it but I opted to sharpen it myself as I have experience with a number of 20″ (50cm) blades so I thought I could do it well enough. I got it functioning alright I thought but I apparently over edged it and caused it to fold over pretty sure that at least 90% my fault. That being the case I find this a soft and light enough blade combined with its flexibility I have decided to smooth down the blade and tip and convert it to a reasonable training sword for my group. Heartier people who want close to full hit risk so thin feder style stick like blades just don’t do what we want. So we are going to stick with good flexing and a good gear we feel decent about de edging this and it being a decent sparing sword after work. It seems to shape decently. So if you are real good at edge sanding yourself. You could have an amazing cutter. Or feel you can dull it might be decent duel sword. Can take it down and create a decent trainee. I do really think it’s decent starter in cutting and with work hema or like dueling

  6. Ray Blundell (verified owner)

    This is my third balaur arms sword,shiped out in two and half days-fast,received to day via fedx .The third sword is the german long sword which is on the way,the first balaur arms sword was the type xIv knightly arming sword.This italian long sword is a munitions grade, there are sone very small things like small marks on the promal but nothing I haven’t seen on a standared grade item.Also there is some slight twist to the blade at end but you have to really look for it.Only thing is I bought last one couple days befor they went on sale.Compared to a hanwei hand and half,ronin katana long sword,ryujin long sword and coolsteel italian long sword,I like the baular arms swords best over all.My pob on Italian long sword is 3&3/4,the weight is 2.9 oz.The blade is quite flexable but that doesn’t botherme orthe effect in the cutting-just water bottles so far.Love the hollow grinde on the blade,The cross guard is great looking ,The handle wrap is done very well-really like the cord look on the wrap.The ping on top of the promal is finished pretty well.So far this is my favorite long sword.Looking forward to receivibg the german long sword,I really do like the balaur swords,if you think you might like any of these swords take advantage now while the sale is on on the generation 2 swords.Rember to cut only water bottlles,nats and bamboo,safe cutting Ray Blundell.

  7. Ray Blundell (verified owner)

    I for got to mention on the review above on the Italian long sword the sharping on it was great-I can really appreciate it due to I sharpen swords my self and to get a consistant edge isn’t easy,so to the person who does the sharpening good job!

  8. Ray Blundell (verified owner)

    Up date on single mat cutting,cut great,Ray Blundell

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