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PLEASE NOTE: This is a Pre-Order sale of this sword. Delivery is expected and estimated to be in March 2023.

The Balaur Arms Type XVIIIc takes its inspiration from some of the famed wide-bladed early 15th century warswords of the Mameluke Arsenal of Alexandria; with our collaboration with swordmaker LK Chen this version of the Type XVIIIc was able to become a lively performance cutting sword. The blade is both wide and stiff, and well-capable of cleanly and decisively slicing tatami and bamboo targets or puncturing to great ability.

The blade is forged from GB 60Si2MnA high carbon alloy spring steel and is well tempered to a 54-55 HRc hardness. The sword has a sharp edge as factory standard from the manufacturer for a smoothly crafted edge that removes the efficiency loss from a secondary bevel for optimal cutting. The shallow hollow ground blade cross section not only reduces weight, but also ensures that there is minimum drag as the blade bites into and passes through its target. The blade has a tapered profile and is intended for efficient cut-and-thrust use – it retains the necessary rigidity for thrusting.

The crossguard and pommel are crafted from stainless steel with a satin polished finish. The crossguard resists loosening because it has an internal wedge-shaped channel that ensured a tight friction fit when mounted onto the blade tang and shoulder. The tang was then hot-peened over the peen-block pommel component to anchor the blade into the hilt and ensure a robust construction. The hardwood grip is crafted from two halves of wood which glued at the seam over the tang and then bound in tight leather. This construction method for the grip ensures that even if the wood were to shrink slightly it would not compromise the tightness of the sword hilt. Swords with friction-fit peens can loosen over time if the wooden grip shrinks and then leaves a gap in that friction-fit for the hilt. The method used for this Italian Longsword removes that possibility by keeping the grip keeping the grip fitting separate from the pommel and guard.

The sword is paired with a tough wooden scabbard which is tightly bound in well-stitched red leather and completed with a stainless steel chape and highly detailed and medieval gothic-styled stainless steel locket.






Overall Length44 7/8"
Blade Length34 1/2"
Weight3 lbs 8 oz
EdgeVery Sharp
Width73.5 mm
Thickness6.8 mm - 2 mm
P.O.B.3 3/4"
Grip Length7 3/8"
Blade [GB 60Si2MnA High Carbon Manganese Spring Steel]
ManufacturerBalaur Arms
Country of OriginChina


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