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Balaur Arms – Templar Arming Sword

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The Templar Arming Sword by Balaur Arms is a large late 12th Century sword with proportions reminiscent of the famed Sword of St. Maurice; this is a sword for a professional warrior who would have trained in its use since from late childhood and would have been right at home in the mail-clad hand of both a secular knight or a knight of the Monastic Orders such as the Templar or Teutonic Knights. The blade is both broad and long and intended to deliver powerfully decisive cutting strokes from atop a warhorse – though in skilled hands its reach and striking potential makes it a formidable companion for the warrior on foot as well.

The blade is forged from high carbon steel and was tempered to a final hardness of 56-58 HRc. The crossguard and pommel are crafted from steel and the grip is wood which has been overlaid with a binding of tightened leather. The blade is robustly peened against the pommel for a sturdy overall construction. Included with the sword is a wooden scabbard which is bound in matching leather and completed with a protective steel chape.


Overall Length40 7/8"
Blade Length34 7/8"
Weight2 lb 6 oz
Width50 mm
Thickness4.4 mm - 2.2 mm
P.O.B.7 1/16"
Grip Length3 3/4"
Blade [1561 High Carbon Steel (ASTM)]
ClassBattle Ready
ManufacturerBalaur Arms
Country of OriginIndia

Kult of Athena Balaur Arms 12th Century Arming Sword Review

4 reviews for Balaur Arms – Templar Arming Sword

  1. iandhutchison (verified owner)

    The sword seems to be good value for money. However, the factory edge is extremely blunt (not just not sharp, truly blunt), so if you want to cut with it you should get the sharpening option.

    There was also a quarter sized blemish on the front of the scabbard which should have been caught by quality control.

  2. James Williams (verified owner)

    Great sword for the price! The blade has a taper and the scabbard fits mine perfect! It might be a little long for a one hander but still feels good. The blade seems a little more flexible than I expected but not overly so. Nothing like some of the noodles I’ve seen before. I expected the pommel to bite in the hand a little but it really doesn’t with the right grip. Over all if you’re looking for a good budget sword this one hits the mark and I will be looking into more Balaur arms blades!

  3. Jeff (verified owner)

    Very nice sword. Long straight blade, love the taper. It feels good in the hand. I got the sharpening and they did a great job. My only complaint is the grip. This thing is made for TINY hands, it needs to be about an inch longer. When I grab the sword, my hand is not just against the pommel, it is in the hand. Because of this, I cannot swing it around very well. It is still a great sword in spite of this, people in India (I believe that’s where its made) must have extremely small hands.

  4. Jacob Croy (verified owner)

    A very good sword, Little longer in a one hander than what i’m used to but don’t let that throw you off. The Grip is pretty good, but I recommed wearing gloves or hand wraps as it will dry out, or blister your Sword hand. The pommel can rub up agianst your hand a little but not to much as to throw you off in your swings. Its a very good cute, and Thrust sword, Excellent if your a slashing or thrashing kind of person. What can I say overall its a very good Battle Ready Sword. Balaur Arms delivers. I have plans to purchase more from them.

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