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Balaur Arms – Type H Viking Sword

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The Viking Type H were one of the more widespread and long-lived of Viking sword types and would have been seen from the late 8th century until well into the late 10th century. This reproduction by Balaur Arms has a blade of tempered high carbon steel with a hardness of 56-58 HRc. This broad-bladed sword strikes a fine balance between a feeling of capable heft and authority without excessive weight in the hand coupled with a responsive agility that lends itself well to decisive cuts and chops. Though the blade is wide, a long and deep fuller groove removes unneeded weight and a good distal taper ensure that the blade optimizes weight distribution for good overall balance.

The crossguard and pommel are crafted from steel and like traditional examples the pommel is a two-part construction; the blade tang is peened and anchored into the lower pommel component which is then topped with a hollow pommel cap which itself is secured with a pair of copper rivets. An inlay of braided copper wire completes this historical assembly method. The sword is completed with a grip of hardwood which is tightly bound in leather.

The sword is matched with a scabbard of wood capped with a chape of riveted copper. A wooden suspension loop secured with braided leather banding allows for the sword to be slung from a shoulder baldric.

Overall Length36 3/4''
Blade Length30''
Weight2 lbs 8 oz
Width54.2 mm
Thickness3.7 mm - 2.2 mm
PommelPeened and Riveted
P.O.B.4 13/16''
Grip Length3 3/4''
Blade [1561 High Carbon Steel (ASTM)]
ClassBattle Ready
ManufacturerBalaur Arms
Country of OriginIndia

3 reviews for Balaur Arms – Type H Viking Sword

  1. tannerpacemt (verified owner)

    Seems pretty damn good for the price- especially if you want a sword that doesn’t look or feel particularly ornate. Is the fit and finish perfect? No, but the flaws are well within reason so long as the construction remains as solid as it seems. The guard’s fit to the blade is maybe the sloppiest part and makes me concerned that it’s held in place via the pommel’s compression through the handle… not ideal but probably functional for a light-use sword. The pommel seems solid and has a simple beauty I quite like. Sheath seems serviceable for the price range.

    The grinds are a little wavy if you look down the length of the sword (barely noticeable if you hung it on a wall) but it won’t be hard to sharpen to a reasonably straight edge. I’m a little concerned about the flexibility of the blade: with decent effort waving towards the flats there’s a perceptible flex. That said, this is apparently on the rather thin side of historical swords so reasonable flex is expected. Plus, in my experience 5160- when properly tempered- relies on flexibility for much of its durability. Tested with my HRC-testing files: certainly between 55 and 60 HRC, as advertised. (I can’t be more precise than a 5 HRC range.)

    On the note of historical accuracy: the only major issue to my eye is that the tip is a rather acute, but not absurdly so for a later “viking” sword… just not quite right for the early ones. I’ll likely make a weekend project of filing it to shape before sharpening. The factory edge is nicely rounded for a non-contact practice/drill sword. Overall, very happy with first impressions.

  2. Cedric Luczak (verified owner)

    Bought a blemished sword because I expected their claim of major issues being saved for munitions grade to be true. Sadly the hilt is out of alignment with the blade, the guard is offset to one side with glue poured into the side with a large gap to the blade. The blade arrived with a curve to it, but I managed to straighten it back out. The sword is thin and whippy. And overall I disappointing firdt purchase from this site. I’ve ordered more robust products from Amazon.

    • David W

      Cedric – we’re sorry you are disappointed in the condition of the blade. These orders usually arrive in a satisfactory condition. Please send some pictures to and we will take a look.

  3. Celtic Templar (verified owner)

    Great Sword all the way! Love the sword, both light and strong. The Sword feels perfect in the hand, and it’s easy to draw from the scabbard. The blade came sharp when I bought it, and it’s still as sharp as ever after testing. If anyone wants a historic Viking sword, this is the sword for you.

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