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Bastard Sword – Black Grip

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Additional information

This Bastard Sword is fitted with a 5160/D2 high carbon steel blade that is both sharp and tempered. The guard and pommel are blackened steel and the sword is finished with a grip tightly wrapped in black cord.

The scabbard is blackened wood with a layer of stitched leather over the locket and chape. A pair of brass hanging rings are fitted to two leather bands.

As one would expect of a bastard sword, this blade can be wielded single-handedly by someone of average strength if needed, though it gains much more speed and power when two hands are used. The grip is long for a bastard sword and more akin to a longsword, but the blade is slightly shorter than most longswords. This long grip with a blade of this size shifts the balance of the weapon far enough back to allow it to be used single-handedly without great exertion. Agile and sharp, this sword can be expected to slice and hack with power.

Overall Length45 5/8''
Blade Length33 5/8''
Weight3 lb 1.4 oz
Width45.2 mm
Thickness4.7 mm - 2.7 mm
P.O.B.2 3/8''
Grip Length7 1/4''
Blade [5160/D2 High Carbon Steel]
TypeBastard Sword
ClassBattle Ready
ManufacturerTraditional Filipino Weapons
Country of OriginPhilippines

1 review for Bastard Sword – Black Grip

  1. Kataphractos

    I have an early version of this sword bought back in 2010 (only differences being slightly different crossguard decoration and a slab leather scabbard). It’s well-balanced and solid construction. The cord wrap on mine is sealed on with a ton of glue, and short of regular, heavy use in wet conditions, I don’t think is ever coming loose. The peen has held stable and there’s no hint of rattling or looseness in the hilt furniture. I wish I had a better scabbard for it, but overall the sword is great and would recommend.

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