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Bec de Corbyn

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This Bec de Corbyn by Arms & Armor is reproduced from a 1560 French example; it has everything needed for capably defeating even the most heavily-armed and armored foes of the late Medieval battlefield. Its head and langets are crafted from tool steel and these are durably mounted to a stout, quadrangular haft of ash wood.

An opponent in a well-crafted armored harness is a difficult prospect to face in battle or duel and a Bec de Corbyn gives its wielder every possible advantage to defeating the well-armored foe. The four-pronged hammer not only concentrates the great concussive force of a blow onto a small point, but the spike-like tines are designed to dig into the curved plates of quality steel armor to ensure a solid hit is struck instead of skipping harmlessly off a smooth and contoured surface.

Opposite the hammer is the namesake Bec de Corbyn Ravens Beak pick; this example does not simply have an armor-penetrating form, but it also has the additional mass behind it to give it the propelling power to puncture and deeply pierce the armor, mail and thick arming gambeson of a foe in an almighty blow. The great force of this pick concentrates on a single point making it more likely to skip off and have its force redirected by a curved surface, but a straight-on strike on a dazed or winded foe will certainly end the combat.

Powered by the mass of the haft behind it, the spearpoint tip can strike with notable force and the side spikes are not only handy striking tools, but they serve to parry and deflect the adversarys weapon and will deny additional angles of attack to the opponent. Long steel langets protect the haft from being damaged in a bind and will prevent bladed weapons from deeply gouging the haft when parried by the bearer of this polearm.

Overall Length62''
Weight3 lbs 14.6 oz
DimensionsLength of Spearpoint Tip: 7 1/4''
ClassBattle Ready
ManufacturerArms & Armor
Country of OriginUSA


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