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Bellows Face Sallet

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The sallet or salade was a popular and elegant headpiece in use across much of Europe throughout the second half of the 15th century. Various forms developed during this time, all fitting closely to the front and sides of the head. Sallets made in the Italian style, like this bellows face sallet, generally had short, rounded tails that fitted closely to the back of the neck. The extended ‘bellows’ style visor on this example is a later development that is based on a transitional piece (between the sallet and the Maximilian-style close-helm of the 16th century) that is dated to around 1490. Crafted in 14 gauge steel with an adjustable leather liner and chinstrap.

Weight6 - 6 1/2 lb
Gauge [14 Gauge]
MaterialMild Steel
Country of OriginIndia

3 reviews for Bellows Face Sallet

  1. Caleb Reed

    Great Sallet! This is outstanding in quality. Hands down, if you want a nice helmet that can take a good beating, and still look almost identical to when you pulled it out of the box, this helmet, will certainly serve you. It’s beautiful, made of fine materials, and most importantly, is legitimately functional. Thrusts almost always just glance off this thing, and so do quite a few “cutting” hits. And when they don’t glance, it blocks everything, leaving the force of the hit, which is reduced to someone redirecting you slightly rudely. Sure, it’s a little hefty, but really, when it comes to functionality, looks, materials and price, this item is really nice!

    The overall quality is above and beyond acceptable. Honestly I couldn’t be much happier with this purchase. If you’re looking for a sallet, this will definitely serve you, and your needs.

    Thumbs up for the people who buy this, thumbs up for the people who made this, thumbs up to Kult of Athena, And thumbs up for me!

  2. Cody M.

    Solid helmet, with one tiny issue. This helmet is a beast. Sturdy, solid, menacing in appearance. Pretty heavy to wear, so be prepared for that. Be sure you buy an arming cap with it so it fits snugly.

    The one tiny issue I have with this helmet is that the visor locks in place with a small pin. It’s very difficult to unlatch the visor from this pin, even with the helmet off using two hands. I plan to file down the pin ever so slightly, just so that it’s easier to open and close the visor, ideally one handed while wearing it.

  3. Griffin

    Love it! Just some initial impressions. I’ll start with the helmet coming in 1/4 to 1/2 inch wider front & side than expected. not a big deal as most of these are aproxamate measurements anyway. I was planing on using a larger cap or possibly a coif to help snug it up. I could tell from the photos that the little pin to hold the visor shut was a joke. It’s not like the visor flings up instantly but when it dose it will be enough to get in front of you eyes. I can pop it off using my palm with little effort and sharp snaps from a short pole vibrated it loose as well. Not that big a deal as the sides leave you with a bit of canvas for your own lock, or it could be strapped shut. Works fine for showing off though. As long as I’m on the visor I’ll mention that the breaths are drilled upward, so looking downward through the breaths or under the visor won’t be happening. The chin strap dose a decent job of keeping the helmet in place so you CAN look down if you must. The weight on this one is a little over 7 1/2 lbs and getting knocked on the thread with an oak pole was laughable. Overall it’s exactly what I was expecting. cound not be happier with this thing.

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