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BKS – Ritter’s Sword-Hilted Dagger


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This large dagger is nearly a short sword in size and an ideal companion for war for the knight on campaign. The rigid blade makes it a fearsome tool in close-quarters grappling and well suited to breaking apart mail links or being used as a lever to break through the thin joins between an opponent’s armor segments. The elongated crossguard and wide blade base allow the wielder to defend oneself from larger weapons in the pell-mell of the medieval melee.

This elaborately and masterfully formed dagger from Baltimore Knife & Sword has a blade of tough and resilient medium carbon alloy steel and it is sturdily mounted into a hilt of steel which has been embellished with careful filework detailing. A spiralled wrap of high quality leather completes the dagger.  For fortify the hilt components against shifting the crossguard and pommel were welded to the blade tang.

This dagger features a lifetime guarantee from Baltimore Knife & Sword. Should the dagger break under normal stage combat use then it will be repaired or replaced by the manufacturer.

Overall Length22 5/8"
Blade Length16'
Weight1 lb 4.9 oz
Width45.1 mm
Thickness4.4 mm - 3.4 mm
PommelThreaded and Welded
P.O.B.1 1/2"
Grip Length4 1/16"
Blade [Medium Carbon Alloy Steel]
ClassBattle Ready
ManufacturerBaltimore Knife & Sword
Country of OriginUSA


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