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Brass Mace Head

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This cast brass mace head features a socket approximately 1 1/16” across to be affixed to the haft of your choice.

3 reviews for Brass Mace Head

  1. TCvG,II

    Makes for an extra heavy club or cane. Love both this and the steel mace heads, as they are so simple and versatile, as well as super easy to modify. I got a 1/16 x 36′ hickory shaft from Purpleheart armory to affix it to, as well as a similiarly sized rubber nib for a cane so it would be more effective indoors. With the brass head, I used a file to soften down the flanges more and took a chasing peen and went to town on it, giving it a beaten hammered and pitted look all across it. After that, a C-spring retention pin and a lot of JBweld epoxy and I have a cane/walking stick that swings like a front-heavy Shillelagh. I’ve also seen one example where someone used one of these on a belt grinder and created a flair topped “scepter” style cane head by shaving off the bottom progressively more down to where it’d meet the shaft. These things are so versitile, I absolutely love them, and the price is icing on the cake for what you get.

  2. Mike

    Simple and Almost Perfect This mace head is exactly what you would expect: a heavy piece of metal to stick on the end of a stick for hitting things. I intend to take a bit of the thickness out of it at some point to make it a little bit lighter. I also wish that there was a small hole in the side to use a nail or pin to help secure it as I ended up needing to drill one myself, but for the price, I definitely can’t complain.

  3. Quinn O.

    gr8 amazing for casting, and perfect for making molds

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