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Charon the Boatman Statue

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The worlds of the living and the dead realm of Hades are divided by the rivers Styx and Acheron – Crossing them is the purview of Charon, the otherworldly ferryman who brings the souls of the deceased to the world of the dead. Everyone must pay for their safe passage with a coin to Charon and thus in the ancient world a coin was placed on or within the mouth of the deceased to pay for their toll.

Those whose families who could not afford the toll were doomed to wander the river shores for a hundred years. For the vast majority, the trip was one-way, but great heroes such as Hercules and Orpheus returned on Charons transcendental ferry boat.

This cast resin statue is finished to impart the appearance of a bronze statuette.

Weight3 lb 10.4 oz
Country of OriginChina


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