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Chinese Jian with blackened metal scabbard hanger fittings

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This Jian has a blade crafted from 5160 / D2 high carbon steel that was tempered to an HRC hardness of 58-60. The pommel and guard are blackened metal and the grip is polished wood. The sword comes with a wooden scabbard with blackened metal fittings and hanging rings.

The four traditional weapons of China are the Qiang (Spear), the Gun (staff) the Dao (Saber) and the Jian (double-edged sword). Among them the Jian was considered the Noble or Gentleman of these weapons – likely due to its association with Chinese emperors, generals and noble officials. It was regarded as a more difficult weapon to master than the Dao and was thus a status symbol that implied martial prowess.

Due to its ennobled past and its incorporation as sword used for forms in Tai Chi – it is easy to see why the Jian is regarded in Chinese culture as the Scholars sword Some of the Eight Immortals are routinely depicted with the Jian and the bodhisattva Mausri in China possesses a Jian called the Sword of Wisdom.

Please Note: The stained finish on the scabbard wood can vary from a light, natural tone as pictured to a dark stained color similar to the grip.

Overall Length39 5/8''
Blade Length32''
Weight1 lb 14.5 oz
Width31 mm
Thickness5.3 mm - 3.1 mm
P.O.B.4 1/2''
Grip Length5 1/2''
Blade [5160/02 High Carbon Steel]
ClassBattle Ready
ManufacturerTraditional Filipino Weapons
Country of OriginPhilippines

4 reviews for Chinese Jian with blackened metal scabbard hanger fittings

  1. Zack K.

    Wonderful Superb sword. Awesome feel to it, very sharp. A caveat: it is on the slightly heavy side. I would buy it again as a present.

  2. Jeremy Thomas (guitarsamurai1134)

    The Tester When I started Pak Mei Kung Fu, I had swords in mind. A long time JSA student, I thought the jian and saber would open my possibility of techniques. 4 years later, I found this true. Ive had this jian 3 years now; Im the cutter in the link for the TFW jian, The sword has actively cut bottles, milk jugs, noodles, live and hard bamboo, consistently. It is a LONG jian; barely within historical limitations. The handguard is not popular with many, including me. Without a full review, Ill say this sword is tough as nails, and what it lacks in historical accuracy and aesthetics, it makes up for x3 in toughness and cutting power.

    Thank you fellow swordsmen and swordswomen,

    Jeremy Thomas (guitarsamurai1134)

  3. Quincy B.

    Excellent This is a excellent sword, of perfect length for a guy my height. It handles very smoothly, and feels substantial, despite it’s utilitarian design. My ONLY complaint is how the scabbard doesn’t feature an end-cap, or a wood finish to match that of the sword handle. Such would have made it perfect.

  4. Christopher L.

    Above expectations. This Jian is extremely well balanced. Very sharp, very light, and the craftsmanship is amazing.

    The sheath I received was colored similarly to the handle of the sword. The metallic guard locks(Lightly can still draw easily) into the metallic ring around the sheath.

    Genius design – from the metals chosen to the design.

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