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Churburg Suit of Armour

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This fully wearable suit is based on the famous #13 harness housed in the Castle of Churburg in Italy. Believed to have been made in Milan during the second half of the 14th century, this high quality armour is one of the earliest known examples of a near-intact harness. This armour typifies a period when the traditional mail coat, reinforced with varying degrees of plate protection, was still predominant on the battlefields of Europe and predates the full plate suits of the 15th century.

The Churburg armour is fully articulated and wearable and boasts many of the features found on the original suit. Many of the individual steel plates that make up the 16 ga. breastplate (which has a lance rest attached to the right hand side) and arm-harness are bordered with decorative etched brass strips. Supplied with an iron display stand, the harness features a round section riveted mail shirt and aventail.

Weight168 lb
Gauge [14/16 Gauge]
MaterialMild Steel
Country of OriginIndia

3 reviews for Churburg Suit of Armour

  1. Dimitri

    Terribad The breastplate is too large and prevents the bending forward.
    The greaves are poorly made and in fact are just tubes of metal.
    Wearing these greaves will result in them sliding under their own weight and biting into your feet.
    Final verdict: Fail.
    Wearing this armor can result in traumas for the wearer even outside of battle.

  2. Rhys

    It looks very cool I think ima get it and that’s you opinion your probably to small for it

  3. Fennikk (verified owner)

    It needed a little bit of adjustment on my end but that just comes with being above average in size and ordering not custom-made armor.

    On the overall though it appears to be of good quality and I’m enjoying the suit a lot!

    My biggest issue and the detractor to this whole review is the chainmail and the armor stand.

    The chainmail as it came had two major problems, one it was very tight! Even as someone who’s larger than average I’m fairly certain my younger brother even would have trouble fitting in this chainmail properly. It also came missing the brass gilding along the bottom of the skirt, on top of that mutliple of the small rivets have fallen out of the mail over time and I haven’t even *used* it yet beyond wearing it and opening the back to apply straps so I could actually put it on and adjust it.

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