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Churchwarden Pipe – The Wizard – Cherry

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This Wizard Pipe, crafted by MacQueen Pipes of Canada, is formed from Cherry wood and is ready for blowing smoke rings on still summer days. Its particularly long stem imparts a cooler smoke to its user than shorter-stemmed pipes. Because this pipe is crafted from Cherry wood, it will absorb moisture and flavor from its smoked tobacco and retain it better than Ash. This will, over time, more thoroughly impart the deep flavor of past smokes into newly lit tobacco. The pipe stem is detachable for easy cleaning and the interior of the bowl is pre-carbonized to protect the wood.

Recently re-popularized by Gandalf, a Churchwarden Pipe is a unique and distinct smoking Pipe well suited for the brooding intellectual, the calloused folk character of older times, and the literary wizard who ponders the mysteries.

A MacQueen Gift and Pipe Smoking Starter Set is available separately on our site and available via a thumbnail link on this page under the ”also available” section.


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