The Imperial Tanto is a limited edition Citadel run of 30 tantos; each are signed by the smith and numbered upon the nakago. The fittings are emblazoned with the Chrysanthemum throughout in homage to the Royal family of Japan.The blade is forged from DNH7 high carbon steel and is hand-polished to a high finish with the traditional polishing stones and powders. The blade is differentially hardened, as evidenced by its well-executed wave-like hamon of hardened steel along its edge.

The habaki is of copper and the tsuba, fuchi and kashira are hand-crafted from iron, meticulously inscribed in ornate detail before being polished to a high degree. Few contemporary katana fittings are made in this laborious manner.

The tsuka is carved wood with care taken to ensure a tight friction fit; it was overlaid with an full samegawa wrap of rayskin and bound with with a tight tsuka ito wrap of imported Japanese silk.

The wood saya scabbard is finished with a finely applied lacquerwork and paired with fittings of buffalo horn. A cloth sword bag and padded storage case are included with this tanto.